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    When you are forced to live in the wilds, the impulse to to seek shelter, food, water and other essentials. But at the end of the day, it is the sleeping area that would matter most. In some of our camping trips, my first priority is to fix the sleeping area. When it is the tent, I would be arrange the sleeping mat together with the blanket and the pillows. Pardon me but I cannot sleep without the pillow.

    But in the woods, you have to make do with what you have there. A good sleeping place is a grass of bed covered with a blanket. That makes a semblance of a cushion. And to preserve the grass bed, it would need a matting which is best for bamboo as material. Make a trellis like frame with the bamboo strips that you can place on the ground to be the matting for the grass. There, you have a nice improvised bed.
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    I use my knapsack as a pillow. I make the base of my bed with layers of sticks to get me up off the ground. This not only helps if the ground is cold, but it also allows water from heavy rains to flow under me without getting my bedding wet.

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