Media Formed Openion Versus Facts

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by TexDanm, Oct 19, 2019.

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    The liberal controlled media is using lies to mold the views of how dangerous and common guns are used in shootings. When they talk statistics they make it sound like murders and mass shootings from people using guns are as common as hell while the fact is that when you talk out the suicides, legal police shootings, legal shootings where victims did it in self-defense the figures are a lot different. What is more important is how these lies make a problem that is real seem less and a problem that is not so real seem VERY threatening.

    Because they drag every shooting to the forefront on nationwide news it seems as if we are under siege but a shooting in California doesn't represent a real threat to people in Virginia BUY nonetheless they make it seem as if people are being shot all around us.

    45,000 Americans commit suicide every year and the suicide rate among children is growing fast! Gun control won't affect this. Why is one black criminal getting shot national news while every day 123 Americans die by their own hand and it isn't worthy of mention? I wonder how much of our problem in this country may be partially caused by the constant bombardment of our minds with despair fomented via all of the various media.

    I stopped EVER watching national news several years ago and limit my reading to less sensational sources. It is actually sort of amazing how much better you feel when you don't tune in to a daily dose of hopelessness and misery.

    Understand that the "non-mass shooting" bar on the graph below is not just murders. It reflects police-involved shootings and any other non-mass shootings.

    "A new survey from American Associate for Public Opinion Research shows that Americans are much more likely to think that mass shootings and other types of homicides make up a much larger share of total homicides than they do. The huge gap between how people think individuals die from guns and how they do is undoubtedly due to media bias. "

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    TD, Have you ever given an interview to the news media? They are lying snakes. My boss told me to give a Raleigh, NC. station a interview in 93'. It was my second interview and last. They cut and spliced a 45 minute interview into a 60 second sound bite that advanced there animal rights agenda. I have nothing for them. Whoever owns the station, sets the agenda. Nothing but a spin job.

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    :eek: That must be horrible :(. Thankfully such thing has never happen to me, and hopefully never will. Although for newspaper interview they usually just cut all my gibberish talk and just wrote the substance (as in making their own conclusion) :(
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