Medicinal Vine Growing In The Wildlerness

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    diabetes vine.jpg

    This creeper is a cure for diabetes botanically known as Tinospora cordifolia. We find it growing in the remote areas of our garden and it grows by itself and invades a huge area. It only needs a prop to climb on. We just pull it out but I am planning on talking about it in the neighbourhood so that those afflicted with diabetes can make use of it.
    The link here gives details on the process of preparing it for consumption.
  2. Robin Roberts Jungle

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    Make sure you tell those folks that it is treatment, not a cure. I am not discouraging you at all. It's just that diabetes, especially Type 1 diabetes, is a hard pill to swallow for those afflicted, and I had witnessed patients disappointed when the new miracle cure they heard about does not work. I met one patient that had an allergic reaction to one of them. They were rather embarrassed. That's all I can say. Good advice is for them to follow a healthy lifestyle, and this will decrease their chances of having diabetes. Hopefully, they will be cured. Some of the best medicines are plants, like aspirin. Many people I talk to are shocked to know that. :D
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    Sure, as said by the poster before me, the best medicine is living healthy. Taking the required medications as at when due and eating what is advised by your physician. My father is diabetic and has been living with it for over 15 years. He is diligent and strict when it comes to taking his meds/eating the healthy way as a diabetic patient.
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