Mexican Drug Cartels "pose Isis-like Threat"

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Nov 9, 2019.

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    Look, the Lebarons were not Americans. They were Mexicans. Let Mexico worry about Mexicans. I agree on the threat posed by the cartels. So, let's build the damned wall. Let's start punishing people who buy the drugs that support the cartels. It doesn't matter how many dealers there are if there are no buyers. Let's really defend our borders. Let's use our military to defend the border and start shooting people who illegally cross our borders.
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    Good morning Son of Liberty,

    Here's the headache. The 50 mile strip of Mexican territory next to the border is a Mexican Special Economic Zone created via NAFTA and the new follow-on. This zone has a few thousand factories supporting the US national economic recovery. Most all of these businesses are US-owned. This zone requires much movement of people and goods. ****** It's all distills down to labor costs in the US. ******

    The illegal drug trade is big business. Big business of all varieties give campaign contributions. There must be a reason about the absence of the required laws and a well-funded enforcement apparatus. Campaign contributions and related gifts must surely be at least one of the reasons.

    The US military does have a small presence on the southern border. A couple of months ago, 2 lieutenants were in a vehicle. They were detained by the Mexican army. One of the US lieutenants had his pistol confiscated by the Mexicans.

    The US military also needs rehab. Maybe Medicare For All and Free Tuition For All is the solution.

    Meanwhile, General Pershing is laughing.

    So is Senor Tavarish Trotsky.
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    Amen on that ...Amen on that

    Not an Ishmaelite
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