Midwest Super Derecho of 2009

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    Ever since experiencing the Midwest Super Derecho of 2009, I have been wishing I was more prepared for another similar scenario. I went without power for 2 weeks, and was utterly unprepared. Roads were blocked with debris. The local sheriff instituted strict curfews to discourage looting and crime. Before this happened, it honestly never occurred to me to be prepared for such an event.

    One store managed to open without power. A woman with a flashlight and a calculator at the local Farm Fresh tried to help locals purchase the few batteries and supplies the little store had, but no debit cards could be swiped. The lucky people with cash cleared the shelves in the first day. All my money was digital, and the ATMs and banks were without power. No pharmacies were open, the gas pumps had no power to work. Life as we knew it froze in its tracks.

    I was stranded without what I needed. One battery operated radio and a few candles became the focus of my next two weeks. In spite of downed trees sticking out of shattered homes, few injuries happened during the storm itself. The most serious injuries happened during the aftermath cleanup, as many people attempted to operate chain saws and climb on roofs with tarps. Needless to say, the experience was a wake up call. I never completely got over the experience. I have been preparing for weeks-long power outages since.

    I will say that I was utterly touched by the humanity that I witnessed as neighbors poured out of their homes, woken up from their technology induced dazes for the first time in years while their computers and televisions were out of service. For the first time I witnessed neighbors being concerned about each other, checking on the elderly, working together to clear debris. I know that not all events will bring out the good in people. I consider that part of my experience very amazing.

    I may not be ready for zombies yet, but I am a little more prepared for a bad storm perhaps. While trying to learn how to be prepared for common events such as storms and power outages, I have read many posts about other scenarios that have me thinking. What if something worse than a storm happens? How can I prepare for a longer term event? I am here to learn from people like you.
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