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    This eve at sunset in calif there was a test fire of a missol a long range w fired from a sub the effet of su a it cause a stir of ufo buzz but it was a test fire HEADS UP PEOPLE THEY ARE CHECKING OUT THE BIG TOYS !!!
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    I've not been able to find this article. What I found was something labeled a Space X launch. I am thinking this is one of those private companies doing a launch.

    Do you have a link for this submarine launch yesterday eve???

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    I heard on ham news on tv is story
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    I've still not been able to find this article. The one article I found is of a Space X private launch.

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    What I think is that someone here in American is gas lighting us ...again. Just as they gas lighted America over what was happening in the Ukraine.

    NATO is not our friend. Someone has infiltrated NATO and turned it into a subset of the Crown Merchants....seeking to profit and control world resources. Someone wanted to overturn the Ukraine election results and get control of the Ukraine and its pipelines....resource routes. The majority in the Ukraine voted to go with Russia. And Russia even today has a policy called "Pan Slavism."

    Someone who controls NATO...more powerful and influential than America..... is willing, once again , to use or misuse Americans as cannon fodder to fight their wars for them. Just as they did in WW1 and also WW2, Korea, and Vietnam....and now in the Middle East and Africa as well.

    There were five ideologies of nations and their protectorates...back into history....and these are ...

    Pan Americanism....that the United States would stay out of the Eastern Hemisphere...and not interfere.
    The Eastern Hemisphere nations would stay out of the Western Hemisphere nations ...except for those countries and territories already established...and running territories in the Western Hemisphere.

    Pan Germanism...That GErmany had the right to go out into the world and trade and establish colonies...For Germany and not be subject to the whims of the English Crown Merchants. Germans could sell their goods at their price and profit and not have to split it up with the Crown. Much like what is happening in the European Union today.

    Pan Slavism....This doctrine said that Mother Russia was the protector of Slavic People everywhere..and would go forth to protect Slavic people as necessary.

    Asia for the Asiatics...The leader of this doctrine is Japan..and that Japan could go out into the world and trade and establish colonies and gather rescources sufficient to run and maintain her Empire in the Orient.
    The problem they ran into is that wherever they went for resources the British and French were already there...or the Crown Merchants if you will.

    Angle Saxon Superiority and Rule of the World.......this devout and religious dogma said that the Crown Merchants out of Olde London ran world trade and could make treaties or break treaties as necessary to control resources and shipping lanes and keep competitors out.

    Their most powerful partner in this devout religious merchant dogma is The United States of America.

    When the French found themselves in a position in WW1 to where they could not stop and or handle the Germans...the Crown Merchants, through the English government, maneuvered to get the United States into the war to replace the French in the trenches.

    The French had died by the millions in the trenches for the Crown Merchants to keep the Germans bottled up and out of the trade routes.
    The Germans realized that they could not easily compete against the British on the high seas..even with Submarine warfare. What the Germans did was to build a railroad from Berlin to Bagdad....to help the break the British Naval Encirclement.... "The Orient Express"...of movie and book fame.

    And the British working for the Crown...sent in people like T.S Lawrence to break up the railroad and cause the Germans problems with this railroad system...to pit the Muslims against the Germans to keep them trade wise bottled up.
    The British Crown were not going to have any competition for world trade.

    By late WW1 the British Crown Merchants , working through the British Government, managed to get us involved in the war to help replace the French who had died everywhere in the trenches for the Crown or "The City " Merchants The Bank of England ..as it is sometimes called.

    WW2 was a continuation of the failed Peace Treaty concluding WW1...because the Allies fleeced Germany in that Treaty.
    Whether it was Hitler or someone else it was bound to happen because of the very harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles ending WW1.

    And We here in America have been functioning as the replacement for the French to protect British Crown trade since WW1...to protect their investments. This is the essence and nature of the "Special" relationship which we have with Britain to this day.

    In the Middle East we went in there in the first Gulf War in the 1990s to protect Crown Contracts with Kuwait...olde long standing Crown Merchant contracts guaranteed by Loyds of London...and the Bank of England.

    We here in America are the Cannon Fodder for the Crown and have been since WW1.
    This is why we continually go to war and bring home no spoils..."The Victors get the Spoils" is how the olde saying goes.
    Unless you are America...and are stupid enough to keep fighting these wars for someone else ..someone not known and not seen ...not desiring to be known or seen.

    This is how I knew all this talk under George Bush about us getting the Iraqi oil and cheaply was not going to happen...if anything happened under George Bush..oil prices went through the roof.

    You will find a more detailed description of the division of world power ...in a short book by

    E. C, Knuth

    Titled..... The Empire of the City


    The main one of these secret economic devout religious dogma existing today is ...

    Angle Saxon Superiority and Rule of the World...in which America has secretly joined up to partake and do the dirty work for the Crown Merchants and The Bank of England. This is why we continually go to war and do not bring home any spoils..we are fighting these wars for someone else...who secretly runs and owns America...We have secretly lost our Sovereignty and Independence.

    This is what the American flag with the gold frills means when you see it in a public building...the "Rule " of law..not the law. Crown Law....merchant law...not United States Law.

    This is a version of history totally avoided by all US History books...as to how the world is stacked up ...economically and thus politically. For politics is nothing more than a sidelight of the economics happening behind the scenes and often secretly...not for public knowledge or consumption.

    Today there are other and new challengers for the Crown Merchants ...and their secret economic empire....banking consortium.

    What I have been taught is that it is they who have always run the world drug markets...and they do not also brook any competition in this as well. What I have been told is that those people you read about like this Escobar fellow...in South America are only competitors in this marketplace. The real movers and shakers in this business are people for whom you never hear their names...and they always have been the real movers and shakers.

    The teaching by which I was educated states...that if you hear their names...they are not the big and powerful people in any business....including the drug business...both legal and illegal.

    These are the people who have for all purposes bought and sold our Senators , Congressmen, and Judges. Bought our government if you like. Our educational systems to teach Globalism rather than Americanism.

    "The Empire of the City" was the book which opened my eyes to a bigger world an made it possible to see more in the news and our continuing wars as to the real lay of the land. That part of which our phony media will not cover for our peoples good. This was the education missing from most of our understandings and knowledge by design..by a plan.

    Nonetheless these are the five ideologies of political power in the 20th century ...and still continuing into the 21st century with new players. This because it is still a resource war...for the raw materials and the ability to ship and transship these materials and finished products across the globe to markets. The very trade/shipping lanes themselves.

    It is the history of Ishmaelites at work....and much more.

    It is the real history of this world.


    Not an Ishmaelite
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