Modern Cave Dwellers

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  1. gracer

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    The story of 2 brothers and their father who found shelter in a cave after their house made of light material, was destroyed by a strong typhoon, has touched the hearts of many when they saw pictures of the family living in a cave. They have made the cave as their shelter for more than a year sharing it together with bats. So literally, they became the modern cavemen in their area. They have adopted well to living in the cave for a period of time.

    Here's a link to their story for those who want to read more about the heart-touching story of the modern cave dwellers:
  2. Corzhens

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    I think I had seen a part of that tv drama which was based on the real life of calamity survivors. However, I don't think I would live in a cave because I am scared of what might be in it like snakes and bats. There was on movie I saw that scorpions were in the cave and also scavenging rats that may bite me. Maybe I can stay in the cave during the daytime for a short time only. But to sleep at nightime, I would rather sleep under a tree and expose myself to other animals instead of dwelling in a cave. Besides, I have claustrophobia at times so I might not be able to sleep in a cave.
  3. Xilkozuf

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    Living in a cave... Sometime I think it would be amazing and interesting, other times I think it would be completely scary.
    The amazing part explain itself, I mean... a cave is awesome just by itself, a huge hole in the rock probably older than thousands of years! But then I think... what is something lives in the cave? Some innocent creatures like bats and snakes might be fine, but what if there is something scarier, like bears or wolves?
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