More Virginia Gun Control

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    Events are moving along here in Virginia with further proposed anti gun measures. I am expecting eventually English/British ammunition purchasing measures/limits for whole ammunition as well as reloaders.

    The government here in Virginia is clearly showing/illustrating it's willingness to strengthen/solidify government at the expense of the people's freedoms and liberties.

    There are now proposals towards shutting down private gun ranges and gun clubs.

    This is looking more and more like Communism wherein the government clearly does not trust the people with their private property and are taking steps to seize it. Da Tovarich???

    As I keep trying to say....this will not stop with firearms....but eventually extend to private property across this land....including the family itself.

    I was told this today and looked it up on line. Further steps at "HERDING"


    If you cannot be trusted to be armed with your will not be trusted to be armed with your vote"

    Government will rig your vote just as they rig your property ownership,,,gun ownership.

    here this link.....


    They are now coming out in the open to clearly show the stuff of which they are made and for which the founders warned us so long ago.

    They are trying to move more towards "Absolute Power or Divine Right of Kings" on the liberties and freedoms of the people.

    They must needs limit the people and unlimit the government.

    You are witnessing Ishmaelites at work...doing what they do best.

    This illustrates to me that there is a level of government intrusion into our private lives and coming for us and for which government cannot afford the people to be armed with their liberties and freedoms. Government must needs to further and further "HERD" the American people like cattle. Armed people are more difficult to herd.
    I don't just mean firearms here...but also armed with a knowledge of liberty and freedom...information....a free and working thinking apparatus....not emotionally government control.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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    This type of conduct to me.... an illustration of a group or long range project running out of time...desperation.

    Whatever plans these internationalists have for this country...they seem... by no longer hiding be coming against a wall...a barrier....and I think that barrier is time.

    At some level I think that Trump and Company's presence in Washington and his affluence across this land is making the internationalist programs reach "Critical Mass" …. go nuclear with the up and coming November Election.

    More and more my primary tell tale evidence for my pattern of thinking is the left...across this country becoming more and more unhinged and entitled while trying to paint others in their liberties to be less deserving and even subversive and un American.

    It is a 180 degree flip flop of what the founders envisioned for the American people.

    These groups, including the Virginia State government, are attempting to redefine American rights and liberties in terms of government liberties and freedoms. That the Government is America...not the People.

    This kind of 180 degree flip flop in jurisdiction concerning the peoples liberties and freedoms is.... in its basic nature....demonic in its origins. And contrary to their well as the intent of our Framers. And it is it's obvious zeal...a devout religion at work...the religion of politics/internationalism.

    I keep trying to state that government is morphing into a devout and zealous religion and representative of government/internationalism and not the people.

    When and where did these elected officials and our form of government switch gods and not tell the public they had so done??? The god and religion of politics/internationalism. Absolute power/Divine right of kings.

    This is the historic reason for Amendment prevent the government from going to Absolute Power and Divine Right of the people knowing their religion..and the historic abuses of kings and governments seeking more and more power. That religious/absolute power was in the hands of the people and not in government hands.
    That an absolute power government would eventually seek to prevent its people from assembling in any manner.

    And this is precisely what the British tried to do to the Colonialists before the founding of this country....prevent them from assembling...and speaking out ….thinking for themselves.

    I suspect that this is one question I don't believe these internationalists want the public to know or think....nor Trump and Company to present to the American people for their the 2020 election.

    That the American Government, from federal down to state levels has privily/secretly switched from the God of Isaac to the god of Ishmael.

    And Ishmael = Bondage...involuntary government. Not government in servitude to the people. Not a government bound by the chains of the Constitution.

    And attempts at such gun control legislation clearly demonstrate this switch to the internationalist god/religion. An unchained and unbound government.
    This will not stop, with Ishmaelites, and gun control.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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