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    The Zika Virus is in my country and persons are being advised often of the potential dangers it comes with, as well as ways in which we can eradicate the mosquito responsible for it. I am in my little corner and I am trying to think of a way that I can get rid of mosquitoes permanently. They are some of the most annoying creatures on the face of this earth and they are responsible for so many diseases!
    Look at the size of these things and to think of the damage they can carry, I really do not like them.

    I want to tackle them from their breeding perspective and get rid of the places where they like to go and breed. I am in the process of researching as much information that I can get on this little pest as something this small should not have the world in turmoil the way it is presently doing.

    I patrol my yard on a regular basis to ensure that nothing that can act as their breeding ground is present. My lawn is on an all time low and I get chemicals from the health department to add to water and give to the neighbors. I need more though as I still do not feel as if I am getting to them the way I want to.
  2. Endure

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    The usual breeding ground for mosquitoes are small puddles. You need to get rid of any puddle nearby in order to hit quite hard the population growth of those critters. You can't get rid of them entirely since warm tropical climates are their habitat, but you can protect yourself against them and make your home a very
    unwelcoming place for them. Don't forget to use mosquito netting when sleeping.
  3. Corzhens

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    In the forest and more in the jungle, I guess, mosquitoes will feast on you. I have been to several forests, in the real urban and rural, all of them are infested with mosquitoes. My father-in-law, who fought during the second world war, said that mosquitoes had spread malaria during that time that's why so many soldiers died not from the bullets but from the disease.

    I am a magnet of mosquitoes that's why when I go to such places for a nature trip - mountain resort, parks, and any other place with trees and vegetation, I always bring my OFF lotion, that mosquito repellent which is very effective for me. I also bring the Vicks vaporub ointment that is a salve for mosquito bites. That's one problem I can imagine when in a survival mode, the mosquitoes will surely divert my focus.
  4. Bonzer

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    Zika virus is spread by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes which thrive in tropical, subtropical and even temperate climates. It is the same mosquito that spreads Dengue, Chikungunya, and yellow fever. Only the female mosquito bites humans. Male mosquitoes thrive on rotten foods. These mosquitoes breed in flower vases, Old tires, Toilet basins and so on. Stagnant water is a big NO-NO in your premises.

    Using long sleeved shirts and long trousers would help avoid mosquito bites. Mosquito nets and repellents should help.
  5. djordjem87

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    I do not want to sound strange but it is all nature unless it was man made. We should fight them but not hate them. They do not bite us because they hate us. That is just weird thing to say. As for the remedies I have heard for some natural but I am afraid that in Serbia we do not have that amount of mosquitoes to deal with. I use something that has Latin name of Ailanthus altissima and it is commonly known as the Tree of Heaven. It is a smelly tree and it can be used against mosquitoes very effectively.
  6. rootle

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    I absolutely detest mosquitoes. Even disregarding the fact that they carry diseases, I hate their biting. It seems that no matter how much repellent I use they still manage to come bite me. I honestly think humans need to work together to actively find a way to bring about their extinction. They have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
  7. Birla Andrei Marian

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    At present there is no specific antiviral mediation or zika vaccine. Treatment of infection consists of resting, proper hydration and symptomatic drugs (against fever and pain). Fortunately, several companies have begun research for a cure for the Zika virus, but the process is a tough one.
    Since transmission is often done by mosquito bites, this is the main target of prevention. Recommended measures to prevent mosquito bites are:
    -use of repellents
    -packing long-sleeved clothing and long pants
    -the use of anti-mosquito nets at home windows

    Last but not least, people with severe or immunodepressed chronic illness are advised to consult before making a trip to recognized areas for the risk of Zika virus infection.
  8. OursIsTheFury

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    I've always hated mosquitoes. For some reason I'm always the target with these little guys. In my apartment, I have 2 sets of electric lights that attract and kill insects; I also have the manual version where it looks like a tennis racket, and I also have a mosquito repelling light bulb placed at the doorway which I turn on every night. It cost a lot to buy but I sleep better at night knowing I won't get bit when I'm asleep, because I must have pissed off their leaders or something at some point because they really hate me.
  9. Neiltarquin

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    Use an empty plastic bottle, cut it in ... Well just watch how the mosquito trap was built.

  10. Denis_P

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    While I would never wish to eradicate any species from the ecosystem, since every creature serves their purpose in keeping the balance, I would wish away mosquitoes in a heartbeat if it had zero impact. I hate them with the burning intensity of a thousand suns, especially when I'm just trying to stargaze on a summer night or trying to sleep while they buzz past my ears. The fact that they also carry diseases does not help their case in the least.

    The only thing that has worked for me is consistently checking my property for any standing water. But sadly I can't say the same for my neighbors, and you never know who's gonna be inadvertently providing them a breeding ground.
  11. FuZyOn

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    Unfortunately I don't think you can get rid of mosquitoes completely unless you work with all the people in your city. You can take care of your yard and destroy the places they like to breed and that's going to help get rid of some of them, but more are going to come from your surroundings.
  12. joegirl

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    Malaria epidemic is so severe in some regions that a country in Africa set a new law. The new law states that the husband must purchase a mosquito net for the room before he can take his bride home. True story, I lie not :). Maybe this should be extended worldwide..
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