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    This MRE was the topic in one radio station here this morning. In relation to the ongoing war in the southern part of the Philippines, the MRE – meal ready to Eat – is being recommended for civic groups that are donating food supplies for the government soldiers. Although the exact contents of the MRE pack was not discussed, mentioned were the pasta, preserved meat and even dessert. The food can be reheated but it can be eaten just like that. I remember the history lesson that American soldiers brought along canned rice together with canned corned in the war zone for their proper nourishment. Maybe this MRE will become popular if it’s really good.
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    Yes MREs contain about 2500 Cal's. Per bag I liked the old MRE s I had when I was in with the chicken choke loaf cheese and crackers or the cold weather MRE s the cold weather MRE one bag was for the whole days meal where the other is just one meal.
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    I haven't seen an Actual MRE but i know it's nutritious. I think it is better to hand out MRE to calamity victims or in this case, victims of war. It is easier to prepare. Canned goods, rice or instant noodles are also good but not all people have the resources to prepare such meal.
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    Some of the ready to eat meat, chicken, popcorn and few other foods can be good. I also have tasted ready to eat noodles. Only they require some of the warm water to add into it. So it does sound like a good option. But not sure how much healthy it can be in that case. I mean some are having msg and other preservatives. So it can be unhealthy.
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