Mudslides At Permanent Houses

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    Good afternoon all,

    This is a current event going on in Orange County, California. This cy is just south of LA.

    There was a mandatory evacuation.

    I take note that the Red Cross opened a temporary evac shelter. Had thought that the COVID-19 regulations prohibited these types of congregant shelters due the severity of this virus. Apparently, when BIG $$$ for motels, hotels involved, the coronavirus isn't that contageous. (Still, recommend wear 3 or more masks.)

    Was it not known to the state of California that last year's scorched and barren hillsides subject to mud slides ?

    Note the term "debris flows".

    Think of living in Orange County and you know that barren hills can produce mudslides. Think of your landscaping prep. Think of the rubber boots /Wellingtons kept in house, perhaps an extra pair in vehicle.
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