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    We had an old piece. It was built to grow seedlings. Framed out with 2 x 2's, covered with greenhouse plastic. 6' long, 2' wide, and about waist high with a lid and low watt bulb. We used it for awhile and it kind of got inadvertently cast aside. I would walk past it and see that it was getting weather-beaten and no use. And I needed a brooder so I decided to modify this piece. I took off all the plastic. Put a solid floor in the upper chamber, and lined that part out with plywood. So the top part was a solid piece now, perfect for raising new chicks. 1/4" netting for the lid. For the lower part, which is around 2' tall, I put 1 x 1/2" hardware cloth for the floor and poultry netting around the sides. I lined the ceiling with 1" foam. This became my rooster pen. It turned out great! Mr Cluckeyo had been on a trip while I was doing that and when he returned, he was surprised, and he said it was a professional job :). Made my day! I've used it many times. Works good and it is holding up really well!
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    This is great! It's always nice when you're able to repurpose something to benefit you. I love DIY and refurbish/repurposes projects. This would also have made a great greenhouse/chicken brooder as well as long as the bottom got plenty of sun. Or even a compost box. :) Looks good :)
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