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    So Sunday night, I decided to use the rest of my seeds and start my mini greenhouses again. I had a mango pit and an avocado pit in a zip lock bag that was inside of a grocery store bag that had my seeds in it and I see that both of the pits have sprouted. I totally forgot about them.

    But anyway, the whole point in this post was to say that my kale is sprouting like crazy only after 2 days of planting the seeds. Not to mention, I hardly used any seeds at all. I'm glad I didn't use the entire package in my section or I'd be in trouble. I'll have to get a picture of the leaves and the size. Has anyone else seen kale grow this fast? This is my first time growing it so I'm a little shocked, especially because the package said it usually takes about 7 days to see sprouts. But is it normal to see shaped leaves after only 2 days?
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    I have never heard of this. What area or state do you live in? I have never attempted to grow kale, let alone from seeds. Is kale a hardy plant to grow or does it need lots of care?
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    Sprouting can happen really fast, the tricky thing comes afterwards. For example I wanted to plant some herbs, parsley, basil and sage. They all sprouted in not ime but somehow just a few of the sprouts were strong enough to grow into a plant.

    And I am really interested in your avocado pit! I tried sprouting avocado pits before, but sadly they always went bad and I got mold on them. Maybe write more about the pit if you are trying to sprout it.

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