My Socialist Hell: 20 Years Of Decay In Venezuela

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by TMT Tactical, Oct 13, 2019.

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  1. TMT Tactical

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    "Yet if you’ve heard our name in the news recently, it’s as the subject of tragedy: toilet paper shortages, desperate people scavenging through garbage to find food for their families, bread lines, a systemic failure of our public utilities, dogs flayed in broad daylight for meat, corruption, lack of proper medicine and health access, weighing stacks of cash, and so much more.

    It saddens me to say that it’s true, all of it, a product of 20 years of socialism."

    A perfect example of the future of the USA, if we let it happen. Just remember they allowed the government to take their firearms and now only the government, the government sponsored gangs and the thugs have firearms.
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  2. Sourdough

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    If preppers don't have firearms and ammo cached, in many caches, in many locations. They should consider the preppers motto. "ONE is None" and "Two is ONE"
    or "Don't keep all your eggs in one basket".
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    Let's say you bury supplies up in the woods.

    Determine a "field area" wherein you may place a storage tube down into the ground. Find multiple field areas.

    Concerning one field area, plant one sealed tube and a couple dozen fake sites using pieces of metal stuck under the ground. If someone is using a metal detector, then they are going to waste much time dealing with the decoys. All dig points, true and fake, should have the same metal detector signature.

    A tube of food / non-metal may have zero signature in the first place.

    Any scrap iron pieces, valueless metal, will do. Rusting iron isn't going to harm the forest floor. Where I'm from, there's at least one mountain range named the Iron Mountains. There used to be iron mining in them thar hills. And yes, the clay is red. Iron deposits everywhere. Some of my kin worked those mines. There were hundreds of mine workers there for almost a century of operations.

    Be sure when storing metal objects to have desiccant devices of whatever sort you prefer. And be sure to utterly and totally seal those tubes! You'll have to saw into them when needed.
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  4. Caribou

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    A cap on one end and a threaded plug on the other. Never-Sieze on the threads makes them easier to remove and the threads watertight. When you want to inspect you stash reapply the Never-Seize. Attach a strong non biodegradable cord to each item and to the plug so items can be easily removed.
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  5. Old Geezer

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