Native American Fish Trap

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by joshposh, May 26, 2016.

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  1. joshposh

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    I always wanted to try and build something like this but on a bigger scale. In Hawaii I don't recall Hawaiians every doing something like this. Looks interesting enough and an easy build. Never mind the expensive nets and so forth. Just use some sticks and and bate and you're good to go.

    The one thing I hated about pole fishing was the waiting around. Doing this method and repeating the process along the coast line will increase your chances of catching something everyday.

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  2. acheno84

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    This technique will definitely come in handy because you're right, fishing and hoping a fish will find your hook in a huge body of water can be very time consuming, frustrating, and stressful; especially if you're doing it for survival purposes. I think it's important to learn different fishing techniques, and this would be a good one to become a pro at.
  3. jonthai

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    Thanks for sharing the video! That's a really helpful tutorial as it comes in handy is many types of disaster. Another thing I like about this method, is that it's not that time consuming, and you can focus on another things instead of fishing.I'm confused about the type of bait they use,and I'm not sure if anything would work, as in a disaster scenario, it would be hard to get a good fishing bait. Are there any specifications about the type of bait?
  4. Endure

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    Nice video with an actual proof that it works just fine with the catfish catching. In my opinion, it looks like a makeshift fishnet like those used in open sea to catch tuna and other sea critters. The native american fish trap seems like a good choice for survival fishing in order to save some time and energy doing the activity. I can't see it to work with big game fishing though.
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