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Discussion in 'Emergency Treatment' started by Kanagirl, May 25, 2017.

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  1. Kanagirl

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    How far do you think natural remedies will get you in emergency situations, as opposed to pharmaceutical remedies? Getting your hands on amoxicillin isn't exactly going to be a matter of a doctor visit and trip to the pharmacy. Will people have a fighting chance, or are we too used to modern day medical remedies?
  2. lonewolf

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    once SHTF the pharmaceutical drugs wont last long, natural medicines at one time were all we had and one day they will be again.
    an over reliance on antibiotics and other pharmacy medicines has led to the rise of superbugs which are now antibiotic resistant.
  3. WildSpirit

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    As much as technology is advanced the way it is, it's not acceptable to forget the importance of the natural remedies. The evolution of the remedies we have today (not all, but a good part of most of them) is extremely dependent on those remedies "forgotten" by the modern world.

    Natural remedies are still extremely relevant and effective. I particularly still use them, for example: against headaches, stomachaches, muscle aches and some external injury to the skin.
  4. Kanagirl

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    I have a collection of older books full of natural and home remedies. I haven't gotten to read through them all, and most of what I know is basic. From little things like garlic to lower your blood pressure to several tricks to stop, or at least slow down, bleeding. When SHTF they are going where ever I go. When I try to help people they treat it like I'm offering sugar pills or magic potions. I just don't know how much good they'll do when someone is used to hydrocodone for a stubbed toe, or ambian when they can't sleep. I have completely stopped taking any medications so my body should be receptive to the natural solutions. But I don't believe that's the popular outlook right now. And I dread seeing how people cope without the pharmacy to take care of them.
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