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    I was looking online for awhile on this one. I know the Hawaiian name, but for common purposes, it's called wild pine cone ginger. Paul Mitchell also uses this ingredient in it's line of shampoos.

    All you have to do is squeeze out the soapy liquid into your hand and massage it into your scalp and hair. Real simple and natural. If it's good enough for your hair, I'm guessing it can be used as body soap as well.

    The root of the plant also has medicinal purposes, but that's for another thread.

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  2. Endure

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    I’ve been using coconut products for years, even for shampoo. Coconut Milk is a wonderful alternative to pasteurized cow’s milk or to rice, soy or other processed milks. Unfortunately, the cans of most store bought versions of coconut milk are lined with BPA. New refrigerated carton varieties are somewhat better, but can be expensive and many have added sweeteners or preservatives.

    Fortunately, making coconut milk shampoo at home is simple and very inexpensive. From my calculations, homemade coconut milk costs less than $1 per batch, and it can also be used in smoothies, recipes, or just to drink by itself. It can also be flavored with natural vanilla, strawberries, or cocoa powder.
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    My mum tried to make homemade conditioner once out of avacado and some other stuff. I was having a bath and decided to try it, however she had done something definitely wrong, the avacado had started to ferment and when I opened the bottle it exploded rotten avacado juice all over the bathroom. It was gross but very, very funny.
  4. joshposh

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    Out in the bush, this is your easiest method of shampoo and soap. You don't have to spend anything and it is there for the pickings. Just grab and squeeze. No cooking or preparation time.
  5. lonewolf

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    soapwort in the UK.
  6. Harrysung

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    I should try this because I am presently weary of shampoos. The shampoos I buy makes my hair look and feel too dry after usage. Natural might be better.
  7. Chiari

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    Haven't heard of it before. I use apple cider vinegar with a few drops of rose hip oil or organic olive oil as a conditioner and have been looking for a natural shampoo because I'm allergic to most of the commercial shampoo brands.
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