New Eu Civil Preparedness Program

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    Above link is about the new European Civil Protection arrangement. The article is actually a European Commission press release allowing for us to have "comparative studies" for a quality focus.

    I'm posting this European PR scribbling to remind all that individual knowledge and preparation is the key. Recall the EU's not so successful EuroCorps, a previous disaster.

    Article / press release at "How does the EU ... pool at "3." ; "a full range of expertise on disasters". Like the US, ~ 3% are skilled and experienced. Do the math, if accepting my number. ~ 97% do not know the difference between and among poison sumac, giant hogweed and sunflower seeds. Europe, like the US, has huge, bloated and intellectually-infected civil service programs. "CBRN" to most is as understandable as Europa's 2 moons.

    OK, Algeria requests some help. Iceland and North Macedonia to the rescue !

    How's the European refugee camp handling faring ?

    Do not rely on external vague public-sector establishments for preparedness. The founder of the Boy Scouts clearly explained it all in a simple motto.
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    Good post.
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