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    I'm going to start this post by admitting that I am a firearms nut. I own guns, teach firearms and tactics to new shooters, police officers and sometimes military personnel too. If we were at the meeting of a certain group of people I would start off with, "Hello, my name is Para 173 and I am a gun nut." Everybody would then respond with, "Hello, Para." You know the routine.

    Any way, over the years the old M-16/M-4 shooting platform has gone from an infantryman's nightmare to a modern day delight. When it first came out in Viet Nam the .223/5.56 rifle was subjected to no less than 5 ammunition changes and at least 8 mechanical changes depending on which model rifle a soldier had in his possession. Now the rifle has advanced to the point that it has become an adult's Lego kit rifle that can be adapted in so many ways and so many calibers that it is scary.

    With that flexibility has come all sorts of new changes, added features and design changes that make the AR family of rifles some of the most interesting rifles to own, shoot and use. I'm not going to tell you how many I own because the number changes every few months. It has, however, gotten to the point where I have started piecing together my own rifles. I take an upper section from one company, marry that to a bolt assembly from another company and lock the whole package together with a lower half from a third company. The end result is sometimes an interesting rifle.

    Recently I took an upper half from Model One, a Fail Zero bolt and a lower half from Rock River that has a National Match trigger in it. National Match is a shooter's phrase that basically means "precision." In this case, a National Match trigger assembly is a very, very smooth trigger when pulled that comes back with a light pull on the trigger. The Fail Zero bolt is a very special bolt.

    The Fail Zero bolt is a rifle bolt that has an oxide coating on it. The oxide coating is put on the bolt to help it move quicker, easier and work more effectively. I put a very light coating of oil on mine before I took it to the range to shoot it. The oxide coating is meant to protect the bolt too making it impervious to rust and other damaging things.

    At the range I had a buddy of mine zero his AR rifle using a scope at about a 30 yard/meter distance. Once we got him on the target paper. We got him to shoot 3 round groups that would fit in the size of an American dime. He did that using a variable power scope which was something new for him. Later that day my friend would engage a metal target about the size of a volleyball at 100 yards/meters with accuracy and at high speed. He never thought that he could do that until we did it that day.

    Later on I took my rifle and started shooting it. Using the standard front post sight and a Magpul pop-up rear sight I started getting tight groups like my buddy had done with the scope. I was amazed at how accurate the rifle combination I had put together was shooting for me. I'd fire 3 rounds and then walk down to see what kind of a group I had to find that all 3 rounds were pretty close together if not actually touching one another. So, would I recommend this rifle combination to other people to use? Darn right I would!

    I think that between the National Match trigger and the Fail Zero bolt along with the 18 inch barrel of the rifle and the relatively short distance, everything came together on a nice day for some really accurate shooting.

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    Take a look at F-1 Firearms. Small shop that mills most of their parts and the rest of the parts they use high quality 3rd party stuff.
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    30yds ?
    At that range I can not tell how many shots I have fired as there is only ever one hole regardless of how many shots fired!

    At 200m I still mostly get one hole groups but further than that they start to open up! At my usual shooting range of 500m most of my groups stay within 2.5in

    Must admit that since my stroke two years ago my long range shooting (past 800m ) has lost its edge with more fliers than there used to be.

    No real advances in the last hundred years but there are a heap of gadgets etc
    Lots of refinements though!
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