New Ruger Wrangler Plinker.

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  1. LastOutlaw

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  2. Sonofliberty

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    Seems a little pricey for a 22LR six shooter.
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  3. LastOutlaw

    LastOutlaw Master Survivalist

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    I like it!
  4. LastOutlaw

    LastOutlaw Master Survivalist

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  5. Dalewick

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    I like it! It would be a nice trapline gun. Seems like a fair price to me.

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  6. Old Geezer

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    I think this one is cute and I know that it feels nice in the hand of both a man and a lady:


    Now if this cute little thing was in .22 mag. or .32 H&R (maybe it would only hold 5, OK).

    Speaking of which ... and it is a 9-shooter:


    As a teenager, I had a Colt Buntline 7 1/2" barrel .22 LR and another cylinder for .22 mag. Wonderful firearm -- accurate as a rifle. I could beat myself into a coma for trading it. How unimaginably stupid of me! I was in my twenties when that happened -- obviously hadn't grown up.

    My dad's dad favored the 32-20 -- he was deadly with it. I am therefore attracted to the following in .32 H&R:


    The 9mm may provide the best power combo in a short revolver however in a dinky pocket revolver (hammerless) follow-up shots and having six shots instead of 5, you can go with the .32 family of cartridges. The .32 has a rim. The .32 H&R mag and .327 mag have power and rapid follow-up shots. Ammo is difficult to find. Local gun stores in this area stock both the .32 H&R and .327 mag (loud).

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  7. Dalewick

    Dalewick Master Survivalist

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    OG, Do you like 9mm revolvers? My wife is still using my dad's old S&W 32 long snub nose police model. I want to get her a 9mm revolver (she doesn't have the hand strength to pull back a slide on her Glock 42 anymore) but I'm not sure it's worth the money.

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  8. TMT Tactical

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    Both my sons were trained using Ruger Bearcat. It was inexpensive at the time but the cost of a new one is outrageous. This Wrangler is priced about the same or close to a Heritage 22 lr. revolver. I just gave my grand kids a Heritage 22 lr revolver to train with. The Heritage did come with both cylinders -- 22 Lr & 22 mag.
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  9. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    Be sure to watch the video I posted just above. "Best snub nose calibers" I watched that video and he is spot-on about everything! Best produced video and knowledgeable speaker I've seen in one long time.

    It's not so much that I'd like to have one. It's that, intellectually speaking, you have ballistics on the side of the 9mm choice. Bad/good thing about the 9mm revvlr is that it usually requires a moon clip to hold the back of the cases so that they can be ejected. Moon clips act as speed-loaders; POOF, you already have speedloaders, hurrah! Since they are rimless, some manufacturers have made special expanding ejectors to eject the non-ejectable nines. In an automatic handgun, the spring-activated ejector has to catch the case. In revolver cartridges one has the rim of the case to push against and eject. Most auto cases don't got no rims.

    The .32 automatic has a tiny bit of a rim (juts out past the case diameter). Sometimes they'll eject when fired in a revolver. BE CAREFUL, firing a .32 auto in a .32 long revolver can produce too much pressure! The .32 auto is a hotter round. I don't think that you'd have that problem with the .32 H&R mag or the .327 mag. The .327 mag is too much recoil for most women ... and many men; it's unpleasant to fire over and over.

    I've fired .32 wadcutters in .32 S&W Long revolvers. Man oh man are they accurate! Recoil-wise, they are like shooting a .22 ... ok, so like the recoil of a .22 mag without the LOUD report a .22 mag produces.

    I and others loathe teaching most women to shoot semi-auto handguns. Make sure that they do NOT put the left hand atop their right shooting hand to reinforce its hold on the weapon. They will. And the slide will then take off the top of that left thumb knuckle down into the gristle and bone. Bloody painful mess that one! And women often can't pull the slides back. Take it up with God. Women often need hand strength, but only farm and factory gals got the strength. Farm girl who works with farm equipment, teach her to use an automatic; plus, she'll be able to handle a .40 S&W or .45 Auto.

    As to your wife, let her shoot some .32 wadcutters. They are pleasant to shoot. Here's the deal, what she shoots best is what she needs. Remember the old saying, "Better to hit with a .22 than miss with a .44!" That which she is comfortable with, she'll be able to get off accurate 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ... shots. Wadcutters cut, not push aside. Wadcutters go deep. Wadcutters cut skin, meat, arteries, veins, ... i.e. they make a man bleed and bleed and bleed. A human can bleed-out internally. Little bit of blood on shirt; 4 liters in gut = room temperature human.

    Expanding bullets out of snub 2" barrels don't expand. They turn into FMJs. (A 9mm HP might expand, IF it gets up to velocity -- which it could do).

    My pap was good with a gun. Shot a guy in his nads with a .32 (could'a been a 32-20). Stopped the knife fight that the other man thought he'd start. If all you got is a minor weapon, aim low. The pelvic girdle is filled with more arteries and veins than most folk can memorize their anatomical names. Broken pelvis or perforated pelvis results in horrible unimaginable blood loss ... internally. If the felon is wearing a vest, yet another reason to put several rounds in his groin. And let's face it, you'll get his attention.

    Last point, if the revolver has seen much use, then the cylinder/crane may no longer index properly with the barrel's forcing cone. So now the revolver will shave lead. That shaved lead hurts the hand -- trust me on this one, buddy. Shaved lead to living tissue = pain. And I've blown the forcing cone wide open on an old revolver. Guess which bullet is most subject to lead shaving. Ding ding ding ding, CORRECT! It is the wadcutter bullet. Before letting your wife shoot some wadcutters, you fire it first to see if the beastie shaves lead. Again, if she likes shooting it and is accurate, just stay with the .32.

    (There's a way to turn wadcutters into real killers. Soft lead, gas checks, hot loads, ... i.e. another topic.)
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  10. randyt

    randyt Master Survivalist

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    I like it, may get one. Have a single six and a colt officers target but need has never stopped me.
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  11. Sonofliberty

    Sonofliberty Master Survivalist

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    According to your link, it is $250 plus taxes and fees.
  12. LastOutlaw

    LastOutlaw Master Survivalist

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    That is MSRP from Ruger.
    Locked Loaded
    Smoky Mountain Guns and Ammo
    Free S/H on Firearms
    White Birch Armory
    $15 flat rate per 50 lbs. including firearms
    The Modern Sportsman
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    Kentucky Gun Co
    Most Firearms ship for FREE
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    BattleHawk Armory
    Handguns/Long guns $19.95
    Black Flag Armory
    $15 Handguns, $20 Long Guns, each additional $5
    Patriot Firearms USA
    Firearms $19.95, other $9.95-$12.95
    Little Creek Trading
    $8.99 or less, Firearms for $14.99
    Shield Group AMT
    Handguns $15 / Long guns $12
    Tin Star Shooting Range
    Firearms Free, $7.95 everything else
    Georgia Gun-Store
    Free over $600, Lay Away available
    Cheap Ass Ammo
    $14.95 Handguns, $9.99 Longguns, $7.95 Accessories
    DR Gun Supply
    $7.95 to $12.95
    Tampa Gun Store
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    Adam's Gun Shop

    Classic Firearms
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    Muddy Pond Gunshop

    Asylum Weapons
    $10.95 Handguns & Rifles
    Lanbo's Armory
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    Guns Inc.
    Firearms & Ammo $9.95, Accessories $7.95
    DPW Gunsmith
    $10.95 Handguns or Longguns
    SWFA Outdoors
    Firearms $9.99 | Ammunition $9.99 | Everything else over $99.99 FREE w/ code SHIP99
    Carolina Firearms
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    Keystone Shooting Center
    Firearms $14.95, Ammo $10.95
    SHTF Tactical
    $15-$30 Firearms
    Able Ammo
    The Armories
    $14.99 - $19.99
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  13. Sonofliberty

    Sonofliberty Master Survivalist

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    Ok, I didn't go searching prices like that. I just looked at the price at your link. Those prices are more in line with expectations.
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