New Weather System Enroute

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    Good morning all,

    A new weather system is enroute to the Bahamas and area of offshore Florida. Apparently a pattern is involved.

    Keep the foot powder dry.

    Ref the article, I am guessing the "in need of shelter, food and medical care" were matters not of utmost priority to the Bahamian government.

    In - place storage required for supply stockpiles and portable/transportable shelters and medical clinics. Because the country is an archipelago, dedicated boats needed to ferry around the emergency stuff in case of stockpile loss at one location but available and not immediately needed at another.

    Maybe this is rocket science. When's the next boat to Cape Canaveral, Florida ?
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    The people of the Bahamas definitely don't need anymore rain right now. Even though it is only a tropical storm, they have my prayers.
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