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Discussion in 'New York' started by cyclistbabe, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. cyclistbabe

    cyclistbabe New Member

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    People from New York thread! Personally I'm from upstate, but I'm curious to hear what the survival/prepper experience is like in a place like NYC.
  2. Jeffrey Hatlee

    Jeffrey Hatlee New Member

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    Hello. I am from upstate also. At least I call it upstate. I am 20 miles west of Albany. I hope to meet other like minded people here.
  3. AuroraBirch

    AuroraBirch New Member

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    Hello! I'm also from Upstate NY, and in my mind that's anything North of Westchester, so Albany definitely counts! I also live near Albany, but my family owns land in the Northern Adirondacks. That land was always the meeting place for survival if anything terrible were to happen, as it is difficult to find and there is plenty of food and water nearby. My husband and I also just bought a house on over 10 acres of forest land, and we have been starting to think about how we would survive on our land if we couldn't drive to my family's land.

    @cyclistbabe, I have many friends who live in NYC, and I had an interesting conversation with one earlier this week. We were talking about what would happen if a nuclear incident (such as a meltdown at a power plant or an attack) occurred in or near the city. She basically told me that almost everyone she knows who lives there is worried about it given the current state of the world and the aging infrastructure, but they have pretty much accepted that they would die in such an event. That was mind boggling to me, as someone who was taught how to survive many situations from a young age.
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