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Discussion in 'Other Reference Material' started by Pragmatist, May 15, 2020.

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  1. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon all,

    New Zealand is located "slap bang in the middle of a deep ocean".

    Not mentioned at website but a major benefit of New Zealand is it being a self-declared nuclear free zone.

    At end of link, I like the 2 relatives.
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  2. Morgan101

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    Well, he offers sound advice, but I think his perception of American Preppers is a little misconstrued. To quote his definition of New Zealand preppers:

    "They are ordinary people leading ordinary lives with ordinary jobs and live in a comfortable home in suburbia."

    What makes him think we are any different? IMHO he is basing his opinion on what he sees on television.
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  3. wally

    wally Expert Member

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    i agree if he's going by a television show doomsday preppers he doesn't really know all that much about american preppers....
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  4. Old Geezer

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    It's a shame that New Zealand can be conquered in an afternoon. Western nuclear powers now protect New Zealand. Inevitably, China will take over NZ if America's and Great Britain's military's fold or fall into the hands of the Left. If a government does not trust its people with the possession of firearms, then Liberty itself is on the way to the scrapheap.

    Free speech is being crushed in Great Britain even now. People can go to jail for saying anything deemed racist. Arab peoples are being referred to as "Asians". The perpetrators of rape gangs and forced prostitution are being protected by the collectivist press. Liberty is out the window in GB and it seems their former colonies are not far behind. Defend yourself and you could face time in jail.

    I'd watch out were I a citizen of New Zealand and a prepper. I would conceal my activities. Collectivism demands the redistribution of wealth and bans the hoarding of needed goods.
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  5. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

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    its all down to political correctness and snowflakes who get offended by anything and everything.
    the amount of arguments I've had on line about "blacking up" which has nothing to do with race but is a form of camouflage (concealing one's identity) but try explaining that to someone who was born in the 21st century!!
    its easy to shut down legitimate debate by just calling someone a racist, its par for the course in a lot of UK universities.
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  6. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    re: Blacking-up

    In the USA, if one is a Democrat politician, then all is forgiven whether it be racism, abusing women, or financial corruption. The mainstream media either buries the news or uses finely-tuned words to make the crimes seem less egregious. On the national level, the news slams women who have accused Biden of sexual misconduct and have simply denied that Biden and his son were up to their chins in financial shenanigans with Ukraine. Trump supporters know that he is greasy, yet vote for him because they are not prepared for the nation to go socialist and defund the military.

    In Virginia, governor Ralf Northam a far-left Democrat posed in blackface while at university. Were he a Republican, the press would demand his resignation. If a Republican who had joked about blacks and the KKK would not resign, the Democrats would organize violent rioting in the streets. University professors and Democrat Party operatives organized and provided money to transport Antifa activists during the 2017 Klan march in Charlottesville. The Left wanted the crazy far-Right beaten up -- they got their wish. Antifa activists pelted Right-wingers' cars with bricks and pieces of concrete. One young man got his muscle car damaged, he went into a rage and backed his car into one swarm of Antifa. One young woman died of her injuries (her heart was bad due to morbid obesity).
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  7. Duncan

    Duncan Master Survivalist

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    It's also easy to shut down legitimate debate -- especially on prepper fora like this -- by calling someone a "snowflake", "liberal", "collectivist", "communist", "social justice warrior", etc.

    I find a thin line here between disagreeing with someone and demonizing him.
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