Newark, N.j. Water Emergency

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    Good morning all,

    Per title; Old York Slimes compares this Newark emergency to Flint, Michigan water emergency. Matter is really worst and being camouflaged.

    In the lead picture, notice at left, the 2 people with collapsible type shopping carts. Factor this item in to your plans and those who(m) you advise eg a co-op, a prepper club, a responder squad. These shopping carts are relatively inexpensive and here, in this article, can hold more than most can in their hands. The 2nd picture with the man carrying 2 water packs is an exception to much of American society !

    The Old York Slimes buries some "disinformation" / fake news in their article. The "municipal government's makeshift efforts to set up distribution centers ... were hampered by confusion and frustration" is camouflage. The REAL problem is those on the Newark payroll, starting with the Mayor, who get pay checks, cash them and make - no - efforts to work on the real function of government. Recreation Centers are less important than a citizenry obtaining drinkable water.

    If in either bloc of households, the 15 K or the 95 K bloc, anticipate being thirsty if knowledgeable about lead poisoning. The ripple effect: Having people standing in line in the heat - especially the elderly and infirm - means hospital visits.

    Address the root cause of the problem.

    Foot Note: Notice in top picture only 1 Responder in green vest. Doesn't the Northeast, especially Newark, have large populations ?! Thank you, Responder !
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