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Discussion in 'The Apocalypse' started by ThePriest, Apr 28, 2016.

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    What do you think it would be like to survive a nuclear fallout? Most of us have heard of the game Fallout 3 which basically is a simulation of just that. In any real world situation, it is most certainly not a game, though. The threat of a fallout situation does not just come from a missile. Our governments put this stuff right into buildings called Nuclear Power plants. And even with all the maintenance in the world buildings are still built by humans.Now we all know the accident that happened in Ukraine, Chernobyl. They said the cause of this was the results of a flawed Reactor with poorly trained personnel. It was a very tragic event that unfortunately happened. I remember watching a documentary and people had to be evacuated from the city because of the radiation. They had to leave all their personal possessions and everything they owned. It was just in 2011 that Chernobyl was declared a tourist attraction.

    So if a nuclear power plant was to malfunction close enough to where you live what would you do? In every survival situation, your basic needs stay the same. You need food, water, shelter and warmth. The best idea is going to be to get as far away as possible from the infected area while trying to make it to safety. Most likely the fastest way of transportation is going to be a vehicle, so your first stop is going to be a gas station. Then pack the car up with plenty of food, lots of water and blankets. If you act quick enough you can beat all the traffic jams that lie ahead and cruise away from danger. Help may show up but you never know how serious the situation can be so it's always good to be prepared.
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    To be honest, in a nuclear fallout situation, even food and shelter go down in the priority list. Your survival will be almost entirely decided by luck (How far you are from "ground zero"), and by how fast you can get as far away as possible. I think the most efficient way would be to get a bicycle and ride away as far as possible for as long as you can, to avoid as much radiation as possible. And then, if you survive, work from there!
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    This is really bad advice. If an attack warning sounds, or you see a detonation, you need to take shelter immediately. Preferably one that is below ground or at least ready for such an attack. Even an expedient shelter is better than being out in the open. Remember, 80% of the fallout would occur during the first 24-hours of an atomic detonation. Wandering around out in the open during said fallout is not a good call: no one wants to die from Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS).
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    Is it fallout from one accident or from a full blown war?
    Escaping one fallout zone might just put you into another!
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    Go watch documentaries on the atom bombs that were dropped over Japan. There is no place you can from it. If you are shielded from the initial blast then you might have a chance of survival. Radiation will take years to go away and a lot of people died from exposure.
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    I really don't give much thought to nuclear missiles, although the war heads used these days are much smaller than those that were about in the cold war, I don't think all out nuclear war is surviveable, even if one isn't in the immediate blast zone the fallout will probably get us and who wants to die from radiation poisoning? apart from that, the "nuclear winter" will probably mean our food supply would be gone and we couldn't grow any more and all the animals would be dead so everyone will die a lingering painful death from thanks.
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