Nuclear warheads defusal rate

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by Bonzer, Jun 18, 2016.

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    Major nuclear powers USA and Russia are still maintaining huge stockpiles of nuke warheads. They are not defusing the warheads at the rate it was intended to. On the other hand Pakistan, an Islamic republic is working overtime to enhance to its nuke warheads.

    Do you think a cold war era kinda situation still exists? What could be the reason for the slowed rate of warhead defusing?
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    It could be the macho psychological aspect of safety through possessing nukes. This is bereft of the fact that nukes are practically useless in the 21st century since they are weapons of mass destruction. Nuclear weapons are being stockpiled as a deterrent as well as a source of prestige. A new era has emerged and nuclear weapons are being miniaturised. The world is getting more and more insecure as the Holy Spirit gradually withdraws and more surprises are in store as new powers emerge and a resurgent Russia claiming its position on the world stage.
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