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    I'm a big fan of the tipi design. Having a fire in your shelter at night is a big plus when in a survival situation. This design might not be able to withstand major natural disasters, but it will do in lite conditions. It can fold up easily and be moved around effortlessly.

  2. Endure

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    Another curious shelter based on plastic. A tipi design this time, neat. Looks almost identical to the native american tipi, It is roomy, self-ventilating, cannot blow down, and is the only tent that admits a fire inside. It seems that is also pretty movable, the issue with original teepees is because of the difficulty of the poles: If on the prairie, you must carry your poles. If in the woods, you must cut them at each camp.
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    I like this design a lot. Seems like it's pretty easy to maneuver around and would be handy to have for sure. I can see that it would do better in light weather conditions, but hey, if it's all you have in a strong environment, I say it's better than nothing. What a neat set up!

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