Oddest landmarks you had to follow on a trail?

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    During my trip through the mountains, my instructor, who led the group (we were in 3's, and a few miles between each other), had to place landmarks for us to follow to the communities and houses located deep in the mountains, and she used trees, leaves, and one time even a pile of cow feces to create an "arrow" pointing at the right direction. She was a real trekker, and I really enjoyed going through the trail with her taking the lead. What about you guys?
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    I remember a time when I had hot lost in a coastal city and was a first time visitor there unaccompanied. I didnt note any landmark in the course of my settling and had to trouble alot of people trying to find my bearing. I have come to learn the necessity of identifying landmarks preferably those which are older due to the fact that most people are acquainted with them.
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    Probably the oddest landmark I ever stumble across is with animal bones arranged in a weird way. At first, I thought of some kind of ritualistic symbol or something, but It was not but a mere trail made for a bored guy.
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