Of The Utmost Importance Solar Dehydrator

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  1. randyt

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    I was thinking about this earlier as I dehydrate some apple slices in my ecaliber dehydrator. A dehydrator is awesome but a solar powered dehydrator is of the utmost importance. I've dried berries on screens in a attic but something with large production capabilities would be awesome.

    Some parts of the world it's probably not a concern, like the south west USA.

    a few years back I strung up some beans to make leather britches but it was too humid to be successful.

    leather britches
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  2. Keith H.

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    We dry foods & make fruit leather in an open oven on our wood burning stove. We also have racks above the stove.
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  3. randyt

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    that's a great way too Keith. I'm thinking about making a solar dehydrator soon rather than later. That will give me a chance to try it out before really needing it.
  4. Rebecca

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    Please could you share your general design of the solar dehydrator once made and deemed a success? I made one a few years ago and either the plans I used or my construction was faulty as it never worked as well as I expected and I ended up scraping it.
  5. randyt

    randyt Master Survivalist

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