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Discussion in 'North Carolina' started by Robin Caudle, Jan 29, 2017.

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  1. Robin Caudle

    Robin Caudle Expert Member

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    Lets use it not lose it, if you are in North Carolina lets here from you.

    Me personally I am in Gaston, Northampton County.
  2. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Master Survivalist

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    My mom was raised up in a hollar in Mitchel County, North Carolina. In the 1920's when she was born, Spruce Pine was the major metropolitan area (OK, wide place in the road).
  3. mizzy

    mizzy New Member

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    Hi am in Hickory, nc
  4. TCinNC

    TCinNC Active Member

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    Probably no surprise, TCinNC is in NC, Raleigh to be exact. There seems to be a prepper group in this area, as well as a state-wide one, but not very active. I found a few variations of "prepper" groups (search for prepper, survival, guns, etc) on meetup, and one in particular focused on bushcraft, which should be of high interest to many. Unfortunately, and inexplicably, all of the meetings have been taken over by some psycho-babble group guiding the elderly in their "journey". At first I though this was code for something -- now I know it's just nonsense. So much for meetup standards of having the group title match the area of interest! But maybe you'll have better luck in Gaston, Spruce Pine, Hickory, etc. Anyway, good to hear from others in NC, even if it's only online rather than in person.
  5. se'kunchance

    se'kunchance New Member

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    Hickory, NC here...
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