On Going To The Toilet. The Jakes or Tinder? A Link.

Discussion in 'Wilderness' started by Keith H., Jun 10, 2016.

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  1. Keith H.

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  2. joshposh

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    In the bush I would use toilet paper of course. If there was non then leaves or I'll just use a lot of water and then hand soap to clean my hand afterwards.

    At home I've been using a water sprayer in the restroom while on the toilet. With enough water pressure it shoots everything off. It does a better job then any rag , paper, leaf ever will. But yes I need to come up with a device that will keep the water pressure going to get myself clean.

  3. lonewolf

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    what to wipe my backside with is the least of my problems post apocalypse:D
  4. jonthai

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    Have to agree with you there. But there are many ways to clean after you poop. Leafs and/or water is just fine, and will get the job done in my opinion. But, if there is toilet paper, why not use it.
  5. lonewolf

    lonewolf Moderator Staff Member

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    whilst there is toilet paper then use it. but post apocalypse when manufacturing has stopped an alternative would be needed, in the old days they used strips of old newspapers.
  6. cyclistbabe

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    Love that fact about corn cobs! And reusing them ?! :eek: I've always sort of wondered what hygiene habits were like before the age of shampoos, paper towels, and toilet paper.
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