On Terrorism.

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  1. dan detablan

    dan detablan New Member

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    What are the home grown anti terrorist precautionary measures we can adopt to keep our family safe?
  2. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

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    Got guns?
    Got shooting skills?
    Avoid functions that Radical Islam might
    Like gay night clubs.
    Large passenger jets.
    I just go armed and would shoot the bastages.
  3. asimaashu

    asimaashu New Member

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    Yes, of course, at an individual level, one can have a bomb proof bunker built, stock food, collect ammunition etc but I would like to see '... to keep our family safe' with a different angle, no offense when it comes to terrorism, our country is our family. We keep our country safe and indirectly we keep our family safe.
    Terrorists don't want to hurt you, me or them, they just think that that is the best way to express their (or of those who are pulling the strings) thoughts or feelings about a matter in question and doing so, they use any possible means to spread terror. The majority will find the above said not more than a thought but like one said 'To believe it, you got to see it'. We have seen terrorist activities and after that, the chain reaction such as casualties, and then disclaimers, and then strikes... the list goes on and in the end, we are like, ok, so that was the person responsible and that was the one who profited from all the chaos.
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