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  1. dan detablan

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    What are the home grown anti terrorist precautionary measures we can adopt to keep our family safe?
  2. jeager

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    Got guns?
    Got shooting skills?
    Avoid functions that Radical Islam might
    Like gay night clubs.
    Large passenger jets.
    I just go armed and would shoot the bastages.
  3. asimaashu

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    Yes, of course, at an individual level, one can have a bomb proof bunker built, stock food, collect ammunition etc but I would like to see '... to keep our family safe' with a different angle, no offense when it comes to terrorism, our country is our family. We keep our country safe and indirectly we keep our family safe.
    Terrorists don't want to hurt you, me or them, they just think that that is the best way to express their (or of those who are pulling the strings) thoughts or feelings about a matter in question and doing so, they use any possible means to spread terror. The majority will find the above said not more than a thought but like one said 'To believe it, you got to see it'. We have seen terrorist activities and after that, the chain reaction such as casualties, and then disclaimers, and then strikes... the list goes on and in the end, we are like, ok, so that was the person responsible and that was the one who profited from all the chaos.
  4. Old Geezer

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    "Why Isn’t Homeland Security Monitoring A Muslim-Only Immigrant Shelter At The US Border?"


    "In October, U.S. Border Patrol caught another nine border-crossing immigrants who were on the FBI’s terrorism watch list, adding to the already record-breaking 98 during the just-ended fiscal 2022 and 14 during the prior fiscal year.

    "Those 121 suspected terrorist border crossings should strike President Joe Biden’s homeland security establishment and the general public as a “system blinking red” moment, to requote the infamous 9/11 Commission Report line about failures to act on threat information.

    "Latina Muslim Foundation Director Sonia Garcia told me she is concerned that Islamic terrorists may use her Tijuana shelter and does her best to ferret them out during interviews. She’ll even call in Mexican law enforcement authorities to investigate deceptive and suspicious persons. Mexican authorities recommended that she reject two of them for shelter assistance on terrorism grounds.

    "But my recent fact-finding trip to Mexico’s first and only shelter that expressly caters to U.S.-bound Muslim immigrants indicated Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sees no blinking red lights amid this current mass-migration border crisis.

    "In June 2022, the San Diego-based Latina Muslim Foundation noticed significant enough numbers of U.S.-bound travelers from the Islamic world to justify opening the Albergue Assabil/Mesquijta Taybah shelter in a two-story, 8,000-square-foot former nightclub in Tijuana just two blocks from the border wall, which all who stay there intend to bypass one way or another. The shelter serves as a waystation for 30 to 140 immigrants at a time coming from Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Somalia, Chechnya, and other regions in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia where terrorist organizations operate.

    "Mexican intelligence often runs the names of special interest aliens through American security databases and allows U.S. officers into detention facilities to interview many of them — before they can cross. Mexican customs officers working in Mexican airports also run identities of arriving special interest aliens through U.S. databases. Mexico has proven sensitive to U.S. requests that it deport the identified extremists to their home countries before they can reach the southern border.

    "A recent Milenio newspaper investigation based on leaked classified Mexican Ministry of National Defense documents revealed a variety of cases where Mexican and American intelligence agencies working together discovered Islamic terrorists in Mexico in 2015, 2016, and 2017 — a number of them in Tijuana. Some were working on behalf of the Islamic State. The Milenio story details extensive Mexican collaboration with American intelligence agencies on these cases, for example on a January 2017 investigation of an Algerian in Mexico that resulted in the dismantling of an ISIS cell in Algeria.

    "Between 2014 and 2018, Mexico’s National Institute of Migration identified 19 suspected terrorists in its territory and deported them all, undoubtedly at American behest.

    "But nothing is normal now with the crisis. Garcia told me the Americans have never called asking about any of the terror-watch-listed immigrants caught crossing the border, except early on when Afghans started showing up and the U.S. consulate in Tijuana came to interview them.

    "Garcia said she would be happy to provide the Americans with all information the shelter maintains about every person who stays overnight if they ever call.

    “'If somebody’s on the [FBI] list and they want to find out if they came from the shelter, well, they’re welcome to come to the shelter and ask us,' she said. 'We have no problem in giving the information or in hiding the information, no. If he is on the watch list and he came into the shelter, well it’s very good because we’ll give [the Americans] the information. We’re not hiding the information.'

    The Mexicans are no more proactive about her guests, she said, beyond when she calls them in. Outside her facility recently, several young Chechen men described journeys in which they flew to Mexican airports on Russian passports and were never delayed or interviewed.

    "Is this a replay of unseen red lights blinking amid a massive crush of millions of immigrants overwhelming both the Americans and the Mexicans?"
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  5. TexDanm

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    Stop catching them and just shoot them on sight. They are invaders and do not deserve nor do they have the "rights" that a citizen has. We don't need any more people that can't speak english, have no real marketable skills, or thieves to lock up and support.

    On the other hand we do need more workers that want to work rather than just refuse to work and live on welfare. You couldn't give a job to most of our american welfare beggers.

    As far as I'm concerned we need to offer people on welfare a job and then cut them off from ANY sort of support and lock them up if they refuse to support their kids. In prison we should offer them food for work and a slow death by starvation if they refuse then to work.
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    1. Old Geezer
      Horrible, yet necessary. Those who chose terrorism kill their own selves. They may say that they commit atrocities in the name of God, yet we all know in our heart of hearts that they violate the will of Allah/God/Yahweh/The-Origin/whoever/whatever name you wish to use. Evil is evil. Order vs. chaos. Order is the goal of enlightened souls. There is zero light given off by the souls who choose chaos. When the SHTF it will be due to the choice of the masses of souls who ignore Order and to chose chaos. This is not complex.
      Old Geezer, Dec 7, 2022
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