Open Source Code, Natural Disasters And Cognitive Applicator

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    Good morning all, ... I'm up and ready.

    Article about someone displaying cognitive dissonance via an article on the applications of open source data.

    The lead picture is good. The helmet's neck covering prevents a multitude of ailments and injuries.

    Open source collaboration has been used outside the tech sector well prior to the internet age. Business intelligence organizations obtained partial control of aspects of the US Patent and Trademark Office.

    Depends on the meaning of "recently". Overseas offshore oil rigs had instruments testing for real time dangers of methane and hydrogen. For those of us as member of laity - no technical skills - if there was not a lethal explosion, the rig was still a little safe.

    Gallows humor: "Github,.. and tailor it to support the unique community and distinct needs..." Here, procurement sources are pre-selected by a bidding process as part of a large and elaborate merit-based contracting program (Please don't laugh).

    Spanish-developed technology just can't compete with, for example, the US Navy's technology development and application. In my specific area around the Chesapeake Bay, the R&D is a dash ahead of Spain.


    Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, ................
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