Oprha Winfree For Pesident….. Identity Politics, Socialism, Marketing, And More “herding” Coming.

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    Buckle up folks….

    I was doing some housework around here this morning and musing with my morning coffee. As is usual…my mind tended to run down varied and sometimes rabid trails.

    I began to muse upon this current trend to begin marketing Oprah Winfree for President in the 2020 elections.
    This awareness caused me to go back and view this through the ever increasing trend, or prism if you like, of the left to divide and fractionate America along the lines of Identity politics.

    When You look back on the” pattern” going back for years now…you can see a hand behind this …clearly dividing this nation along sex lines…sexuality lines, race lines…rich and poor lines…and whatever leverage the body politic and public education can think up next.
    In my mind there is a pattern going on here…a trail if you like. Someone is being groomed….influenced…privily …without them being aware of it…subconsciously ….to be lead…”Herded” without them being aware that it is going on.

    All of these indexes are and have been accompanied by a heavy reliance on “Emotional Persuasion.” By this I mean a heavy reliance on Emotional Beliefs and support…not on thinking or reason…logic.
    And the Oprah Winfree show...and others spawned by way of Phil Donahue...are entirely that...instant gratification..emotional shows....cultivating emotional satisfaction and justification ..and not thinking for yourself.
    And I do not believe that the body politic missed out on this method as a control or"Herding " technique for control of easily hooked voters ..hooked like a heroin habit on emotional instant justification..and not thinking.
    I believe the body politic and in particular the left ...is and has been using this technique for some time now...on an unawares American Public.

    What you notice is that as this has morphed into what it is become today…the very people and groups who were so long protesting discrimination in all these indexes…sex, sexuality, race, rich and poor…are now become the very thing they disliked and disapproved of in others back when their groups started.
    They are openly discriminating by sex, by sexuality, by race, by wealth status.
    The very interesting thing to be aware of when next you see them protesting or making some type of political guilt point…is ask yourself what law has been broken here??

    For they are constantly trying to divide people into groups…identities..yet no actual law or statute has been trespassed.

    Once you know this and can think it through ..it puts a very interesting "Light" on their operation and their "Handlers."

    Now ..the reason I go to this lengthy explanation is that if you think it through …Oprah Winfree embodies every one of these fractionating indexes of division and identity necessary for a political platform needing to use and divide the nation for the purposes of “Herding.”

    And “Herding” seems to me to have become the major occupation of the body politic in the last 30 years if not longer. Herding through Identity politics..to win elections.
    I make this point to contrast it with the concept of Liberty and freedom to make up ones own mind…and if desired ..to go ones own way…even to not go with the “Herd.”

    Remember what I posted recently and from the Book "Global Trends...Paradox of Progress" on page 19 at the bottom. This is an Intelligence Report.

    "Political leaders will find appeals to identity for mobilizing supporters and consolidating political control" And in my read of the pattern of history ...you see this culminating in the Running of Oprah Windree for President. This has been a long time in cultivating this trend...this pattern ..and make no mistake..it has been a long investment in conditioning the American People....."Herding them."

    Politically …the left has tried a Black President in Barrack Obama..and it caused the phenomenon we see today in Donald Trump..and the vitriolic reaction from the Left.

    The Left then tried Hillary Clinton after Barrack Obama thinking they had a shoe in with a woman for President. It did not work out.
    People who at some level had had enough of Barrack Obama and his administration... recognized enough and at some primitive level ..that they did not want more Leftist…”Herding” via Hillary Clinton…and the Democrat Party.

    The Left tried a black President…then they tried a woman President..and failed.

    Now they obviously want to try a black woman President…to cover all the identity bases in which they have so heavily invested over the last 30 plus years in working on the subconsciousness of the American People.
    30 plus years of slowly investing in Identity politics...no wonder the left believes America is theirs by default...and that The Constitution means Nothing....next to their Identity politics.
    Social Justice Warriors represent the ultimate expression of Identity politics today...and the blame game so popular and tying them into the body politic on the left.

    I do not believe that many Americans remember far back enough and in sufficient detail to be able to follow this pattern of operation. You know…that television and movie education on which I am so often reflecting.
    This is on what I was reflecting when going about the straightening of my home this morning…the steps which have been taken by the left to get to where we are today….particularly in the fractionating of America along identity lines…identity politics.
    It is my opinion that Social Justice Warriors/SJW’s have been brought out to the forefront ..to aid in this continued “Herding” of Americans as well as in so much of the fractionating going on out here.
    Someone has been financing, directing, and controlling these SJW’s for political reasons of “Herding.”

    And I think an Oprah Winfree Presidency will be the culmination of all this Identity division in America.

    I also think that by a study of the true religious beliefs of Oprah Winfree…that an Oprah Winfree Presidency will be a more accelerated version of what was going on under Barrack Obama and would have gone on had Hillary Clinton won the office.
    In short here…I am speaking of much much more and faster/acceleated Ishmaelite religion coming if Oprah wins the office.

    Much Much more accelerated and on the public purse.

    Buckle up…..we are living in interesting times.

    My .02
    Not an Ishmaelite
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    well she's got the "gob" for it, or as we say over here she's "got more front than Sainsbury's!"":p
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    Well I don't live in the US, so I just listen to the news about what's going on. It does affect me somewhat, but nothing dramatic. I think the Trump has put on a good show so far and I'm just waiting for Hulk Hogan to take over

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