Oregon Ng Confronts Rioters In Portland

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    The barriers these idiots built betrays their tragic inadequacies in being ready for a real fight.


    Maybe now while some police departments still have some money, the police could drive through this trash with an APC. Then, take these pretenders to jail. Of course, anti-American judges appointed by Social Democrat office-holders would just let them back out again to continue rioting, even as urban jails are letting out their street gang prisoners to go back out burglarizing, carjacking, and robbing ATM patrons.

    As preppers I think we all see just how sad this is. Maybe this could be a bit heartening for urban preppers in that these crews would be soooooo easy to wipe-out. BLM has begun a militia and they've fielded around 300 rag-tag troops at Stone Mountain before. These did have military-looking semiautomatic rifles. That's the most strength I've seen. One wonders if that troop had any truly useful combat training. They sure did not look disciplined to me. Their rifles were not standardized among them, so they would have to be supplied with multiple cartridge types. I wouldn't want to have to handle their equipment-supply logistics -- it would be a crazy quilt of this'n'thats.

    If interested, heres some photos of the BLM NFAC troop:

    Into 2021, the Social Democratic Party has promised to defund the police. Likely, they will do the same with the military. One thing is for certain, Federal officers will NOT be sent in to keep the cities from falling into the hands of the forces of chaos.

    Just an observation, but these insurgents could be dealt with in a poof! with a Puff. Could undo a bunch of damage that university professors have done by turning their putty-brained students into anti-American revolutionaries.

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    Heavily trained and dangerous...to themselves.

    3 members of armed militia injured in shooting at Breonna Taylor protest
    A militia member apparently accidentally discharged their weapon.
    ByMark Osborne,Jade Lawson, andBriana Stewart
    July 25, 2020, 8:52 PM
    • 6 min read
    3 people injured in Louisville shooting
    An armed militia protested to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.
    Timothy D. Easley/AP
    Three members of an armed militia were shot in an apparent accident at a protest calling for justice for Breonna Taylor in Louisville on Saturday afternoon.

    The three people, all members of the NFAC, suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department. The shooter was also a member of the militia.

    The group's founder, John "Grand Master Jay" Johnson, told ABC News that members of the militia were inspecting firearms prior to the demonstration when a woman's weapon was accidentally discharged. Johnson referred to the woman as a trainee.

    MORE: Timeline: Inside the investigation of Breonna Taylor's killing and its aftermath
    "Today, shortly before 1:00 pm, three people were struck by gunfire as the result of a discharge of someone's gun who was participating in the NFAC demonstration at Baxter Park," Louisville Metro's interim Chief of Police Robert Schroeder said in a statement. "Louisville Division of Fire and LMEMS arrived a short time later and transported all three victims to the University of Louisville Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. All involved are members of the NFAC and there are no outstanding suspects."

    The police said the investigation into the shooting was ongoing.

    BREAKING: We just watched two people be taken onto stretchers at Baxter square on 12th and Jefferson. Metro safe has confirmed reports of shootings & that there are multiple victims. We heard the noises when people scattered to get behind cars, & to take a knee @WHAS11 #nightteam pic.twitter.com/h5AsPWlLbi

    — Jessie Cohen (@jessiecohennews) July 25, 2020
    "This is a tragic situation that could have been much worse," Schroeder added. "I encourage anyone choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights to do so responsibly."

    Louisville police released surveillance footage of the shooting that showed dozens of members of the NFAC milling around the park prior to the march when the gun accidentally discharged and a few people dropped to the ground injured.

    [​IMG]Brett Carlsen/Getty Images
    Members of NFAC hold up their firearms before a march on July 25, 2020, in Louisville, Ky. The g...
    Johnson would not comment on the group's vetting process for those who took part in the armed march.

    "I believe that everyone should exercise the utmost responsibility when handling firearms, but then again, we're dealing with humans who make mistakes," Johnson told ABC News.

    The NFAC, which is short for "Not F------- Around Coalition," was marching in military-style fatigues and carrying semi-automatic weapons in order to call attention to the fatal police shooting of Taylor in March. Johnson said about 2,500 armed and 300 unarmed militia members took part in the march.

    The 26-year-old EMT was killed in her own home when police executed a "no-knock" warrant searching for a drug trafficker. Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, opened fire on police believing that someone was breaking into the house. Taylor was struck by gunfire at least eight times when police returned fire.

    [​IMG]Timothy D. Easley/AP
    Armed members of the "NAFC" march through downtown toward the Hall of Justice in Louisville...
    For months, protesters have been calling for the three officers who were involved in the shooting to be arrested and charged. The protests gained in intensity following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

    Officer Brett Hankison was fired last month for violating procedure when he shot Taylor.

    Louisville police had said they were ready for demonstrations in the city on Saturday and shut down roads as a precaution to allow the NFAC members and others to march.

    MORE: Louisville mayor expresses frustration at slow pace of Breonna Taylor case, lays out police reform plans
    "LMPD remains committed to peaceful expression of views under the First Amendment. As we have done for several weeks, there will be no need for police intervention as long as there is no threat to public safety," the police said in a statement Friday. "We will not tolerate the barricading of streets by non-law enforcement, impeding traffic, or attempting to threaten or force people not involved in the protests from their intended destination."

    Counterprotesters, a far-right militia called the Three Percenters, also appeared at Saturday's protest.
    1. Old Geezer
      Think how easy it would be to lure them into an ambush.
      Old Geezer, Dec 15, 2020
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    Due to their numbers and the type of their firearms, I do believe that BLM/Antifa could do some initial harm -- especially were they to attack poorly armed suburbanites. If any suburbanites are reading this, keep the above images in your minds and arm accordingly.

    However, were they to leave urban areas and attempt anything in Heartland America, they wouldn't last even hours. Once the word got out that there was trouble over in So'n'so'ville, they'd be slaughtered. If sheriff deputies were out-numbered, locals would supplement them / back'em up. Locals would be picking them off with their deer rifles at distance. No need to engage close-in. Contain'em & drain'em.

    This is why I encourage people to store-back hanging flares. Light'em up, take'em out.

    In rural counties, the Sheriff's Department is made-up of locals -- everybody knows everybody and every family has folk in a police/sheriff's department. County-folk will swarm interlopers. Rural areas also have lots of CB and Ham radio operators, so if cell-phone comm goes away, there is still infrastructure comm. For my family, I keep walkie-talkies; they come in handy when you have cars following each other. If forming a convoy, always plan on radio communications for your trip. Keep your electronics in one of your gun safes, because gun safes form a semi-decent Faraday cage for EMP protection.

    The old geezer is having a memory moment so you really don't have to read any further.

    Back after WWII and for the rest of their lives, my dad, his brothers and all the good'ol'boys had transmitters and receivers of every ilk. My dad's electronics brother build his own transmitter atop a little hill. I guess he used it as a signal bouncer (I got into digital electronics, so my antenna knowledge is lacking, big-time). Our small town was in a low area and sometimes transmitting out'a there was not so easy. I remember riding with my uncle going up that rugged make-do road to his xmitter in his white Cadillac DeVille. Bouncy-bounce-bounce scrape-scrape. The old Cadillacs made for a semi-decent tank. To haul what they had to haul, my dad's crew always had cars with truck-sized engines in them, plus truck-grade suspension systems; heavy leaf springs; ballast in the trunk when you weren't hauling a load. My dad wasn't a hauler of liquid products; seems everybody else was. Dad hauled his machines in the back of his truck -- the deputies were "taken care of".

    Here's a grey 1961 DeVille that looks just like my uncle's. Oh the memories!

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    Criticize Antifa, get your business burned. Civil war arson allowed by city officials. Evidence is concealed by communist media.


    "On November 23, a suspected arsonist set fire to Reo’s Ribs located in Portland’s Hollywood District, Breitbart News reported. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they observed smoke pouring out of the rear of the building and flames both on the interior and exterior.


    "It is not known if the suspected arsonist’s face was blurred by KOIN or by Portland Fire officials.

    "The video shows the suspected arsonist setting a fire at the rear of Reo’s Ribs. The person continues to add more fuel. The person is in plain view of the street while setting the fire."

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    Arsonists must be shot dead on sight.
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    Shoot to incapacitate and then set the arsonist on fire.
    1. Old Geezer
      If put-upon by the anti-Christ crowd, let's all aim for the flaming bottle. Headline: "Oppressor homeowner uses firearm to set peaceful Molotov cocktail holding protester on fire!"
      Old Geezer, Dec 16, 2020
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