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    You can make a cheap organic herbicide using vinegar and salt. To use less amount of vinegar therefore minimising costs, dilute the vinegar with water and bed a big dash of salt. This will kill the weeds quickly without endangering other animals which might come across the weeds to forage like herbivores and bees. A concentrated salt solution can work alone but a large amount of pal tip required.
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    Yes, this is a useful to get rid of weeds: economic, fast and effective. But I add that you shouldn't be doing it if it's going to rain the next few days, and for this same reason you should avoid to irrigate your plants. This would probably make all your work undone.
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    I use herbicide in my garden. It is not only hazardous but also costly. Therefore, I was looking for something that costs less money and at the same time was effective. I have never heard of this method. I will try this out. If venegar and salt mixture works, I will be using this method to kill weeds in my garden instead of chemical herbicide.
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    There are many who say organic gardening is hyped quite a bit. Here is a link that has some reasons why organic gardening is not all that people think it is
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    Nicotine, the original insecticide.
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