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    Good afternoon all,

    Above tells of other view of disasters. I will still hold to my position that the end is near rather than article's bliss.

    The standard junior high school matter: Define "local communities" ! Perhaps in a small neighborhood on one of the Aleutian islands it's a care bear / share bear environment but my experiences involve much danger when driving especially with the socialists making demands on the inadequate public sector. Study up on emergency shelter populations and distributing emergency supplies to "victims".

    Note picture 3. The English language only sign on "Medic" direction sign indicates the place is not ADA-compliant.

    It wasn't in the US, but last year's scandal in Haiti about charges that OXFAM volunteers were trying to trade medical care for sex wasn't mentioned in this story. Of course, Haiti is Haiti and article is about the USA where we are avoid that.

    Author Tom is a commoner. So am I. I tried to get listed in Baron's Landed Gentry but they said I wasn't qualified.

    The end is near.

    Meanwhile, prior to the end: Prep, prep, prep !
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