Pack Extra Pairs Of Socks In Your B.o.b

Discussion in 'Newbie Corner' started by Travis.s, Jun 13, 2019.

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  1. Travis.s

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    So this is one of those things that lots of people over look but make sure to pack more then one pair of socks so you can routinely change them to prevent blisters and fungus.
    This is something the military has been doing for a long time but it might not be something most people who are new to the whole B.O.B idea would know.
    So new preppers building there first Bug out bags make sure to have room for some fresh socks with the rest of your clothes.
  2. Morgan101

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    Good advice. I keep at least two complete changes of clothes from the skin out in my BOB.

    There are a million ways your clothing can get damaged beyond repair. Without a change you are SOL.
  3. TexDanm

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    When I was a kid I wore very little in the way of clothes and no shoes except to go to school and church. Even in the winter unless it was freezing I went bare footed. I will tan to the point that burning just isn't a factor and do it fast. I worked in the fields from sunrise to sunset and didn't burn. I could live pretty well 10 months out of the year with a loin cloth and moccasins.

    I have feet that, when I was young, they just didn't make shoes in my size so shoes hurt and I hated them. I do crry a change of clothes with me though. You never know when you might have to get dirty and need a change. I also carry a coat and raingear. I think that the coldest that I have ever been as when I went from fixing a dryer in a comertial laundy to immediatly there after having to replace a fan motoer in a walk in freezer at a big resturant. After that I stayed prepared for cold even in August!! Rain gear is the same, If a unit on the roof goes out they want it fixed even if it is coming down buckets outside.

    Clothing in Texas is pretty easy. Jeans and a T-shirt with a long sleave shirt for a light coat and that is about it year around with a hoody for back up.
  4. Weedygarden

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    Socks are the one thing that homeless shelters are always in need of. That says how important socks are and how easy it is to not have enough. I suggest an experiment. Wear two pairs of socks, trading off and washing them so that they get worn about 15 days each in a month. It won't be long when even the best socks are pretty worn out.

    Is two pair of socks enough? In a SHTF situation, you would want more than two pair. Maybe you don't want more than two pair in your BOB, but you will want to have a very adequate supply at home, or wherever your stockpile is kept.

    I have finally found that wool blend socks are my favorite, after years of struggling with not good socks. (80% wool, and other fibers) Summer socks I buy the ankle sports socks.

    When it comes to socks, how many is too many? Is there such a thing as too many? They will be one of your best barter items.
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  5. watcherchris

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    I keep two pairs of socks and two pocket tee shirts and two sets of BVDs in a plastic bag in a locker at work.

    I do need to update my BOBs to reflect the same.

    When ones feet get soaked on the way to work it can be miserable running around In wet socks.

    I also keep a needle and thread in my DAily BOB. and can sew , mend, and darn if needed. I am every grateful to my mother for teaching me these basics and this has come in very handy from time to time...even sewing on a loose button.

    Agree...socks and even thread and needles will be good barter items...if SHTF or TEOTWAWKI.

    Most people today just go out and buy new underclothes and or socks......they will not think as far as a needle and thread.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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