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    I see so many people with packs to carry whatever but they make no effort to adjust the pack to carry correctly most have the starps way to long and the pack hangs too low in the middle of their back this on a long carry is going to cause alot of pain bad balance issues take the time to adjust load correctly and organize your pack get good gear use it right fie shelter water should be easy to get too a rain suit at the bottom of your pack in a sudden downpour and you will understand quickthe point im makeing. Ive see many post of people wating a handcrank radio but if grid goes down what radio station will you listen too the ems system ay work but dont they work on shortwave or ham bands not public radio anyhow. When things go bad your cell phone laptop and ?? Are going to be mostly useless junk. Learn and do now bcause when its time things are not going to be normal
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