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  1. Tom Williams

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    There is a way to pack a backpack for carry done right you can carry a pack comfy all day done wrong and your back and legs will give you great problems for your clothing coats jackets pants learn how to ranger roll this makes clothing small compact and makes room for more clothing and other gear. As i roll iplace the clothing in vacume bags that compacts it more and waterprofes the store iteams it again makes room for more items water food fire and shelter should be readly avalible in your carry packs as these you will need the most remember allso to buy a pack that fits you a pack shouldnt be higher than your head or to long or low to interfer with your ability to walk
  2. remnant

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    In the event that you have to carry a weighty pack on your back, the correct way to ensure your comfort is to place it on the middle of your back half way down and then counterbalance this by carrying some weights or other items on both hands.
  3. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    Sorry nope weight in middke of back like that pain and fall hanging low like that bends back wrong way and balance issues
  4. Squirtgunsquirter

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    I went out for a gear test for 2 nights 3 days, 10 or so miles through pretty dense forest/brush, with the Pro Pack unadjusted and I suffered. The hip belt was too low, and pinched my hips and it was murder. I would hike it up and tension the shoulder straps, and then my neck would kill me. With only 45 pounds. It felt like 100! Forcing through brambles, bending under fallen trees, not fun.

    Now I have the pack adjusted to my torso, and I changed how I pack and keep the lightest weight items at the bottom, and it is a world of difference.
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