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Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Xilkozuf, Jul 20, 2017.

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    Of course weapons and tools are extremely useful when hunting, but if you have limited resources you might want to relie on persistence hunting. It's an ancient technique, still used today in some part of the world (mostly for deers and antilopes), and used also in nature by some animals like wolves and hyenas. It consist in chasing your prey for a prolonged time, until it doesn't have more energy and you are able to catch it.
    It's exhausting, and probably you still need some tools to take care of the prey after you finish the chase, but it can be useful when you are out of throwing weapons or guns.
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    Pardon me but I don't think chasing your prey is applicable for me. For sure, I would be exhausted first before my prey gets tired. Let's take for example a wild chicken that I'm familiar with. It can fly and run fast. And I haven't heard people in the mountains, even the natives in g-string, doing that because it would be futile. Using a weapon or a trap is the better alternative for me.
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    Yes of course, this should be your very last resource since it's not easy. But it's common in some areas of Mexico and Africa. But I think that for them it must be easier, since they are probably more used to this technique! If you are not, well... you are right, you might end up exhausted sooner than the animal, expecially if said animal is very willing to survive.
    But then, I also read of some people who actually managed to catch a cheetah (!!!) with this method so everything is possible.
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