Phase Out Quarantines Soon ?

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Mar 24, 2020.

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    Blog Posts:

    Per ...

    POTUS making public statement about a phase out of quarantines.

    White House Task Force Dr Deborah ... can't read handwriting ... floats a good idea: "laser focused".

    The focus groups and polls are occurring now.

    When the mentioned experts health nightmares are a negative function to their paychecks and retirement programs, the fruited plain will be as healthy as a Swiss Alpine massage therapy clinic.

    The danger zones are areas of the decrepit cities and rural areas where pets, like horses, are neglected. Otherwise, many areas are viable.

    Some hints to consider:

    - No flu shot: no government check nor vehicle.

    - Single, living alone, major health problems, on O2, depending on Meals on Wheels, move to facility with support systems in place.

    A question to consider:

    - Can the US field a rapid reaction military expeditionary force ?

    - Do truckers with grocery loads, pharma, have enhanced support systems on their long haul and short haul routes ? If not, when ?

    - Is there current significance to the Glen Cambell song line "I am a lineman for the county" ?

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