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Discussion in 'Permanent Shelters' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 25, 2016.

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    When you need to build a permanent shelter in a survival situation you need to come up with a functional layout. This is not going to be like the large house you lived in if you had one; it’s going to be something to survive in for a decent time or until you can add to it. So what should one's shelter be like?
    Think efficient, practical and functional. You will want to have an area you can have your fire or heat source but remember you are going to need to vent the smoke out of your shelter in some way like a chimney. You will need a sleeping quarters, one that is probably off the ground such as a hammock that is by your heat source, so you do freeze if it is cold. An outhouse close to the shelter but not too close should be put in so that you have an area as your bathroom. If it is an above ground shelter, you will want to make sure that it blend into the surroundings and is unnoticeable from a distance. Ensuring that you have a 360 view of your perimeter will be important when designing your shelter. This will allow for better security advantage, allowing you to hunt easier or escape if you need to. Additional things to consider for your design would be a door of some sort that can be secured or barricaded, smaller windows for air, view and safety but you will need to ensure you have a way to seal them if inclement weather happens. A root cellar would be another important part of the design to store food and water supplies. A garden so that you can always have some sort of nutrition available, and a way to irrigate water to your shelter so that you do not have constantly run for water multiple times a day. This would make it so that one could have an efficient shelter to live in for years to come.
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    I saw a duct work firebox and stack that would work great in that would be able to close peeks up and be more weather proof plus have more room to store gear with a loft add nice in warm area
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    When you make a permament shelter make it so it can withstand the hardest weather your area gets heavy snow hard winds and rain low to ground to hide better dig down into the ground this helps keep you warm and cooler both a low roof over makes it harder to see
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    Sandbagged or mudbrick walls at least 500mm thick!

    Great insulation
    Great thermal mass
    If done properly all weather proof including tornados

    And it is bulletproof up to about .50cal !
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