Plant And Fruits For First Aid!

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    I bring to you the plants below. These plants and fruits can be used to administer first aid in extreme conditions and where medical care won't be swift. Enjoy and feel free to Google search them for more info.

    1. Blackberry - The leaves of this delicious fruit help reduce diarrhea when chewed or grounded and mixed with clean warm water, then filtered.

    2. Lemon balm - This plant's leaves can be used to treat insomnia. Ground the leaves or bruise them and add them to a drink of your choice. They can also be used in tea. They help ward off insomnia. Over to you night owls.

    3. Lavender - This is known by a large percentage of our population as a fragrance. It is even the brand name of some perfumes. It is also used in making insecticides because its scent ward-off many insects. Thus, lavender can be used to treat insect bites. Now you know.

    4. Yarrow - A perennial plant, yarrow is used for treating abrasions and cuts. Crush or ground the leaves and apply it directly on the wound area. Remember to call 911 afterwards.
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