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    We consider plantain as banana here although there is a qualifier as banana saba. Anyway, the food factor of the plantain is primarily the fruit. When ripe, it can serve as a meal. It can be eaten as it is, can be boiled and can also be fried (my favorite). Another way of eating the plantain is when it is raw. Using mortar and pestle, the raw plantain sans the peel is pounded and mixed with grated coconut and sugar. That would be a good snack food or dessert.

    The plantain's bloom called heart can also be eaten. It can be boiled and dipped in fish sauce or salt. It can also be broiled which is a delicacy in some provinces. And in hard times, the center of the plantain tree which is like a candle can also be eaten when cooked in coconut milk.

    There are other uses of the plantain plant but that's another story.
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    Plantain here is a small plant, not a tree. It can be eaten though, but not like you are describing.
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