Planting Cassava

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    The propagation of cassava is cute. When I first planted cassava, I was really surprised that the stem is used as planting material (since there is no seed). Cut the stem in 10 to 12 inches long and buy it in 4 inches of soil. But the position of the stem is lying down as if it is sleeping on the ground. Planting the stem in inverted fashion will make it poisonous according to folk tradition although there is no proof to this. And to be safe, just let the stem lie down on the ground to avoid the probability of planting it in inversted position.
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    We grew cassava in the Territory to feed our goats.
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    Do they make a kinda cake/almost brownie from this?+

    edit: I looked it up. It is what my wife makes Cassava cake from. Yummy
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