Portland, Oregon's Real Racial Confrontation

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Jul 17, 2020.

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    I was busting the chops of a friend of more then 50 years, who had moved to Portland about twenty years ago. I have been for months berating him about that city. And he has steadfastly stuck up for Portland till today.

    Today I got this e-mail from him, in response to some heavy razzing I was dumping on him.

    " We think downtown Portlandia is down for the count. Businesses have totally had it and will close permanently and no one will take their place. They had let bums take over, then the virus then riots. It’s over. Glad we live ten miles away."
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    I recall about 16-18 months ago needing to go to Portland for a conference and meeting with an agency I was contracted with. The conference was at the Portland Marriott Waterfront and they wanted me to stay there. Of course, Portland was a shithole then as it is now, and there were off and on protest in the area. Most of the protest were in the vicinity of the hotel. It took me a good couple hours to search for an appropriate hotel that I could stay at where I could safely walk to and from the Marriott. Hard to do with Portland State University next door. When I was there, there were an assortment of weird protest including Antifa, some crazy witchcraft group and others making everything interesting right in front of the hotel. I was about 5-6 blocks away, but I was able to find a route where I was clear of most of the mayhem. I fear no man, but my head was certainly on a swivel. I sent the wife some interesting pictures of some of the absolutely bizarre behavior, and she chewed me out horrible for exposing myself to the risk to get some good shots. You wouldn't find a more bizarre freak show on the planet.

    I have no interest in ever going back to Portland.
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    1. Old Geezer
      Great to get personal reports. News media suppresses any news that does not support their agenda. Youtube kills these videos also.
      Old Geezer, Jul 17, 2020
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