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    Good morning all,

    There's been some direct - and indirect - references to potassium iodide. I'm posting this here and not at the medical section becaue my point is - safety -.

    My experience with this chemical is that ALL physicians tell me not to self-administer.

    At the above cdc link at end of article at "Adults" (citing over 40 years old), some clear info is presented.

    I recommend you obtain professional advice prior to need because you might be alone in a wilderness environment.

    A fallout shelter involves this chemical because some occupants could be in the eligible categories.
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    Good information, thanks for that.
  3. GrizzlyetteAdams

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    In a severe SHTF situation, you may not be able to "call or see your doctor" as advised at the link below. But because many do not realize the seriousness of improper use of potassium iodide, this list should be printed out and kept with your potassium iodide supply.


    Potassium Iodide Warnings
    Potassium iodide may cause thyroid problems, high potassium levels in the blood, or iodide poisoning.

    Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms while taking this medicine:

    • Swelling in your throat or neck
    • Chest pain
    • Irregular heartbeat
    • Muscle weakness
    • Pain or burning in your mouth
    • Severe headache
    • Tingly feeling
    • Eye irritation

    Before taking this medicine, tell your doctor if you have or have had:
    • High levels of potassium in your blood
    • Addison’s disease (an adrenal gland disorder)
    • Kidney disease
    • Heart disease
    • Tuberculosis (TB)
    • A thyroid disorder
    • A genetic muscle disorder
    • Dermatitis herpetiformis (a skin disease that causes groups of itchy blisters)
    • Hypocomplementemic vasculitis (a condition that causes frequent outbreaks of hives and other symptoms)
    • Graves’ disease (a condition in which the body attacks the thyroid gland)
    • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (swelling of the thyroid gland)
    • Allergies to medications
    Tell any doctor who treats you that you’re taking potassium iodide. The drug can cause unusual results on certain medical tests.

    Pregnancy and Potassium Iodide

    Potassium iodide could harm an unborn baby.

    Don’t use this medicine if you’re pregnant or plan to become pregnant.

    Use an effective birth control method while taking potassium iodide.

    The drug can pass into breast milk and hurt a breastfeeding infant. Don’t breastfeed while taking potassium iodide.

    Potassium Iodide Side Effects
    Common Side Effects of Potassium Iodide

    Tell your doctor if any of the following side effects are severe or don’t go away:

    • Metallic taste in the mouth
    • Swollen glands
    • Nausea
    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
    • Stomachache
    • Headache
    Serious Side Effects of Potassium Iodide
    Tell your doctor right away if you experience any of the symptoms listed in the Potassium Iodide Warnings section above, or any of the following serious side effects:

    • Rash, hives, or acne
    • Fever
    • Joint pain
    • Swelling of the face, lips, tongue, throat, hands, or feet
    • Wheezing
    • Shortness of breath
    • Trouble speaking, breathing, or swallowing
    • Feeling anxious or irritable
    • A lump under the skin at the base of the neck

    Potassium Iodide Interactions
    Tell your doctor about all prescription, non-prescription, illegal, recreational, herbal, nutritional, or dietary drugs you’re taking, especially:

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    Way too old for that stuff anyway.
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  5. GrizzlyetteAdams

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    Lol! You might be, but what about those around you...especially the ones you may care about in the future...?

    And besides, you're just an old-man-in-training, lol.

    The CDC thinks you are just a wee bit older than a young adult. Look see!


    Young Adults

    The FDA recommends that young adults (between the ages of 18 and 40 years) internally contaminated with (or likely to be internally contaminated with) radioactive iodine take the recommended dose of KI (potassium iodide).

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  6. lonewolf

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    these tablets are given to people living near Devonport Dockyard in case of a radiation leak, a siren will sound in the case of a release.
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  7. GateCrasher

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    Iodine is absorbed through the skin as well, might be helpful if you run out of KI tablets and another reason to store povidone iodine (Betadine). The amount being enough to cover roughly 2.5% of the individuals total body surface area, or an area about the size of their hand (or paw). The abdomen may be the best place to apply it according to one study.

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  8. Proton Entropy

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    I've procured iodine pills but never could figure out how to take them.
    I'm like 99.999% sure I won't be able to contact a doctor if a hydrogen bomb went off on the capital since I'm well out of blast radius, but not fallout.

    The dosage is ok, but how often after a nuclear attack?
    How many days?
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    I hadn't thought about potassium iodine tablets to be honest. Interesting post, thanks.
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  10. Pragmatist

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    Good morning Proton Entropy and Blitz,

    Recommend study above link and also the connected links. I use the word "study" rather than "glance" because ** when ** needing to take PI depends on sources - usually public health officials / military / emergency management officials.

    In one of the above connected links there is discussion about use by adults over 40 years old.

    Since age and other health factors are variables, it is important to study above and plan accordingly.

    I worked public sector emergency sheltering with a co-located Advanced Life Support (ALS) clinic - Basically a school nurse type clinic providing med care above what an Army medic would do. Arrangements for radiation emergencies, especially involving PI, were in place, in theory.

    I can't compare the US programs to that of Sweden or Australia but will only say, I would not stop worrying.

    Sidebar; Enemy target acquisition typically avoids a major city's central business district with the sought for "ground zero" being the center of the cluster of relocation shelters.


    Foot Note 1: In the US, during a radiological attack (also called "dirty bombs" of terrorists), the largest changes to the morbidity and mortality statistics will be car crashes, gun shot wounds and overall basic shopping mall type of violence.

    Foot Note 2: In the US, during a Great Power nuclear attack, here, also, the work I did involved themes of conjecture. The variables are numerous.
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  11. Blitz

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    Thanks Pragmatist.

    When I was researching it myself earlier, I discovered that after the Japanese nuclear leak some years ago, the tablets got bought up after which you could only get hold of some for $500 a packet. As usual, the bottom feeders of society taking advantage
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  12. F22 Simpilot

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    I bought a bunch a few years ago and they sit in my bathroom drawer.
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  13. Blitz

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    When cleaning out my husband's first aid kit, I came across some Tamiflu tablets that he managed to secure from our GP back in 2005 or whenever. Stupidly, I threw them out because they were so old and I thought they probably wouldn't be effective anymore. I'm now kicking myself after watching "Pandemic" which was filmed in 2019. In India they routinely dole out Tamiflu to residences even suspected of having bird flu. I have no doubt whatsoever the doctor I now have will not prescribe them.
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