Powder Horns & Gunpowder Bags.

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    This was the first powder horn I made. I was out bush with few tools, so I covered the base of the horn in leather instead of carving a wooden plug. I served me well for a long time.
    This is the second powder horn I made after I got some more tools. I carried this one for years, but enjoyed the making so I made myself another one.
    This is the last horn I made for myself.
    NEVER secure the base plug with glue, only ever use 4-6 wood or metal pins & seal only with beeswax. This base plug acts as a safety pressure release valve in case the powder should be ignited accidently.
    This is one of five greased leather gunpowder bags that I have for carrying extra supplies of gunpowder. When a gunpowder bag becomes empty of gunpowder, it is a good container to store spare plant or fungi tinders in. The gunpowder dust gets into the tinder.

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    awesome,a powder horn thread.

    I have a few old horns.



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